Where in Washington, DC can I buy Fresh Yeast (same as compressed yeast or cake yeast)?

Also known as "wet yeast". It is usually wrapped in foil and is moist and very crumbly. If anyone knows where to buy it in Myrtle Beach SC that would be even better!

Andrew Mayer


Gretchen F. December 23, 2016
Up until about 2015 the Wegman's carried fresh yeast. This is so sad--but there are just not enough regular home bakers who want fresh yeast to warrant shops carrying it.
anna S. March 22, 2013
3/22/13: i spoke with both tpss co-ops and neither carry fresh yeast. nor the whole foods in silver spring. nor giant food, even though red star's website says giant carries fresh. the kielbasa factory does have it, as does vace's on connecticut avenue in cleveland park (although i haven't yet checked their shop in bethesda).
Maedl February 9, 2013
Thanks for the tip on Asadur. I will definitely put it on my to-do list!
healthierkitchen February 9, 2013
Great places, Maedl! I go to Asadur's for Greek and Turkish supplies and Koshermart for Israeli, but will have to try Yekta. I will also have to check out the kielbasa place!
Maedl February 9, 2013
It's on Rockville Pike, near Penzey's but on the opposite side of the street, on the second floor of the shopping center. They have six or eight kinds of kielbasa, and I sampled about four of them yesterday. The kielbasa is from NJ, but a friend said they also buy sausages from some of our Maryland farmers. Not far from there is Yekta's, a small Persian store and restaurant. It's a great source for Middle Eastern and Persian foods.
paseo February 8, 2013
Very few stores carry it any longer because of the short shelf life and so few home bakers use it. I like it better but can only sometimes find it at a local (in Maine) store at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Most people that you ask in a store have no idea what you are talking about. Kind of sad when you think about it. I agree that a best bet might be a local bakery - store bakery products usually come in par baked.
Maedl February 8, 2013
I know this question is ancient history, but I came across fresh yeast today at the Kielbasa Factory--1041 Rockville Pike.
Andrew M. February 8, 2013
Thanks so much Maedi. Although the particular occasion for which I wanted the fresh yeast has long since passed, I am happy to know where near DC I might purchase it in the future. The fresh yeast I got at Balducci's was not of good quality. Thanks again.
healthierkitchen February 9, 2013
Maedl - Kielbasa Factory sounds interesting! Will have to google it!
la B. January 4, 2013
thank you so much Balducci's does have the yeast !
Andrew M. November 2, 2011
OK folks the answer, or at least one answer, is Balducci's. Old Georgetown Rd. at Democracy. They have 2 oz. cubes of Red Star active fresh yeast. Check the expiration dates, because they had a few that were expiring.
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At the co-op in Silver Spring on grubb rd and east west highway.
Andrew M. November 2, 2011
Thanks Michael... I did just now speak to the co-op on Grubb Rd. Now granting that that store is a bit disorganized and folks don't always know what they have and what they don't have, they told me that they have active dry yeast. That is not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for cake yeast or wet yeast, also called active fresh yeast or baker's compressed yeast. Have you seen that product at the co-op? I spoke to someone at the Takoma Park co-op who said they do not have it there.
MotherWouldKnow November 2, 2011
I'm in DC and have been looking all over for fresh yeast. Giant and Safeway used to carry it, but neither does anymore. So I'll be interested if anyone else has a clue to where to find it. My husband uses it for his pizza dough recipe and has had to switch to jar of yeast, which he doesn't like as much.
Esther P. November 2, 2011
I'm in the uk, the Walmart equivalent (Asda) lets me have fresh yeast for free- I just go to the In store bakery and ask a baker! Generally, I make sure I have some flour etc in my basket so they can see I'm buying stuff in the store too.... Certainly worth chancing it at a supermarket that has an in store bakery - you may wind up having to buy it rather than get it for free, but it's a local source
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