Any easy dish to make for 15-20 people to bring to a potluck?

Nothing more really, but the dish should be a main dish.

  • Posted by: nka2
  • November 2, 2011


SKK November 6, 2011
I have two go to's for potlucks - Secret Ingredient Beef Stew and Green Chili Chicken Posole Soup
Both are winners!
Panfusine November 3, 2011
Rivka's Mujaddara with spiced yogurt.
bella S. November 3, 2011
I agree, Panfusine. Rivka's Mujaddara is an amazing dish! Make it at least one day ahead, maybe two. It really does get better as it sits. We took it to anfriend's house for dinner. It was a huge hit. Just between us...put a portion of it in a separate container. You will want some of it for yourself, especially after you see how good it is at the party.
wssmom November 3, 2011
lorigoldsby November 6, 2011
That would be a 'nice bowl of red!"
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 3, 2011
Chicken piccata/lemon chicken under noodles or wild rice
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 3, 2011
This looks comforting and easy to prepare, you would have to quadruple the recipe.
Louisa November 3, 2011
Corn Pudding--easy to make, low cost, make ahead, portable and popular!
Sam1148 November 3, 2011
A shrimp boil. with kilbasa sausage, corn on cob (those frozen ones would be fine in this season). New potatoes and shrimp..and using Zatarains bagged seasoning.
Boil. beer..lemon cut in half, spice bag, fill with water/salt...wait....put in the cut up sausage. boil..wait..put in potatoes..wait...then the corn..when potatoes are tender add the shrimp..turn it off and let it rest until the shrimp are done. Shrimp are peel on shrimp.
Drain and serve in a big bowl lined with newspaper..lemon wedges, cocktail sauce, and soft butter on the side.

You could do this on site if your target area has a stove..and bring a big stock pot serving dish and everything cut up ready to deploy on site. Heck if the weather is nice just lay out news paper and dump the drained stuff out on the table outside with the side condiments.
Bevi November 2, 2011
I like to make chili and bring along toppings - grated cheese, chips. and salsa. It's amazing how much people like a good chili. But I also like the host to assign a dish to me. I am fine with that.
healthierkitchen November 2, 2011
runawayspoon's Pastitsio is delicious (and I have doubled and tripled it in separate baking dishes) and not too hard to make for a potluck.

some people do not like/eat lamb, though. In that case, I often go with butternut squash lasagne this time of year.
hardlikearmour November 3, 2011
I just made this for my food52 cookbook launch potluck. I did a version with lamb and a version with beef. IMO the lamb version was better, but both were very good. One of the guests (with Greek family background) said it was the best Pastitsio she'd ever eaten!
Ophelia November 2, 2011
I like bringing pie, potato salad, cucumber salad with shrimp, or moussaka. It's a great opportunity to make something that you like, but might not normally make due to it making a large amount or nobody else in your household liking it.
Don't make enough for a big serving for everyone though, you'll end up having to haul home a half-full dish, and be eating leftover moussaka for a week.
lorigoldsby November 2, 2011
But if you are looking for a main dish type of entree that is easy to transport--a pulled bbq pork in a crock pot with the mini hawaiian bread rolls makes a mean mini slider. get a friend to make an asian slaw to go with it!
lorigoldsby November 2, 2011
Here is the link to the Editor's Picks for the "Your Best Open House dish" The winner was the blue cheese fig savories...oh yumm!
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