Cleaning Wooden Dishes

At Food52 you use a lot of wooden dishes - how do you clean them and keep them looking good?

  • Posted by: SallyM
  • November 9, 2011


susan G. November 10, 2011
I feel like the wooden ware is a little like cast iron cookware -- over time it develops a patina from all the good things that have seen it in use. While I do hand wash them, I don't want to let them soak or use harsh cleaners or scrubbers. Think of how we treat wooden furniture. Oils are appreciated, and so is humidity; dryness is your enemy! (I have seen Japanese wooden items displayed in a case with a glass of water. Kitchen items shouldn't be so sensitive, but consider their needs.) And remember for wooden handles on knives -- no soaking, no dishwasher.
Anitalectric November 9, 2011
Keep them oiled regularly. Olive oil for olive tree wood, walnut oil for walnut, etc.

Just put a dash of oil on a rag and rub it into your dish evenly.
Kristy M. November 9, 2011
We hand wash all the wooden dishes and utensils.
Kristy M. November 9, 2011
I don't know about any other special techniques to keep them nice, but they certainly are pretty!
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