Ma'ayan Plaut
Ma'ayan Plaut

Zucchini fritters made a new way (to me).

A friend recommended I steam and mash my zucchini before making fritter batter (I'm a grate-the-raw-zucchini then proceed person). I took the pre-cooked zucchini idea and applied it to post-cookout grilled zucchini, chopped into little pieces, and then added grilled onions (also chopped into little pieces), fresh basil, eggs, and buckwheat flour. I mixed all the ingredients together vigorously, since the no-gluten buckwheat flour lets you do that no problem, which incorporated some extra air into the batter too.

The result: tender thin fritters that cooked really quickly with an even more flavorful inside than I was expecting.

Today's dipping sauce was a sweet chili teriyaki - get all the last drops of sauce out of the sweet chili bottle by adding some soy sauce, water, and rice vinegar!