We've partnered with Miele to help you Cook Smarter with simple yet delicious recipes where the technique makes all the difference. From perfectly cooked sheet-pan pork chops to steamed, buttery lobster rolls, a Miele combi-steam oven makes getting any meal on the table easier than ever—and faster, too!

Cook Smarter, Not Harder

Finding a dish that checks all the boxes—dinner versatility, simplicity, and of course, deliciousness—isn't easy. But it should come as no surprise that our co-founder Amanda Hesser would have a recipe that makes the cut: sheet-pan pork chops with caramelized fennel and garlic-lemon butter. Read the story here »

The Best Way to Cook Artichokes Is Also the Easiest

Master the art of prepping—and cooking!—artichokes for good with this simple guide. We'll show you how to trim away thorns, peel off the leaves, and get those artichokes ready for the steamer. Plus, we'll share a garlicky lemon aioli perfect for dipping. Read the story here »

3 Hands-Off Ways to Cook Eggs for a Crowd

Anyone who’s hosted an epic breakfast or brunch knows that preparing egg dishes for a crowd can be a pain. But there's a simple solution: Move them from your stovetop to the oven. From custardy, oven-scrambled eggs to to perfect poached eggs, here are 3 fuss-free ways to make eggs for a crowd. Read the story here »

3 Wildly Delicious Riffs on Summer's Favorite Sandwich

When it comes to lobster rolls, we’ll never stop loving the classics (mayo or butter…don't make us choose!). But these one-of-a-kind riffs—like fluffy steamed buns in place of toasted bread—have won our hearts. Read the story here »

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