Let's Get Scrappy

Making creative use of food scraps and other leftover stuff is just plain smart: You’re wasting less, saving dough, living a little greener. But once you know how to DIY in surprising, delightful ways—potato peel focaccia? A cheesecloth runner!—it’s not just smart: It’s totally fun.


The Unexpected Secret to Chewy, Bready Goodness

Science says: Bake with your potato peels. We say: Have you ever had a better focaccia?

Clever Uses for All Your Spring Food Scraps

Tough asparagus ends, bitter radish greens, tiny strawberry hulls—we love you, too.

7 Almost-Free Ways to Make Your Table Look Uniquely Amazing

Including an edible centerpiece that’s sure to be a conversation starter.

The Scrappy Baking Trick That Takes the Cake (Well, Pie!)

Your coffee’s good to the last ground(s) with this rich, chocolatey pie that’ll put a little pep in your step.

One Roll of Wallpaper Is the Key to Endless Decorating (So Much More Than Walls)

Because “cover it with wallpaper" is the new "fresh coat of paint."

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