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"Opening Day" Horseradish and Sauerkraut Mustard

March 31, 2011
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Author Notes

The title of this recipe just about says it all. This stuff is great with sausages -- imagine slathering this inside pigs-in-blankets made with a cream biscuit dough, and taking them in a well-insulated bag to your favorite ballpark -- or with smoked or salted meats, or with a good sharp cheese on a hunk of crusty homemade whole-grain bread for a ploughman’s lunch. Enjoy!! ;o) - AntoniaJames —AntoniaJames

Test Kitchen Notes

You know, I always feel safe in AntoniaJames’ hands and this mustard just confirms that. It has a nice balance of heat from the mustard seed and horseradish, the perfume from the coriander, and the tang of the sauerkraut and liquid. I just had a big dollop on a grilled hot dog and it was delicious -- this is a condiment to keep in the fridge at all times, not just for opening day at the ballpark. Thumbs up for an EP!!! - aargersi —aargersi

  • Makes 1/2 cup
  • 2 tablespoons yellow mustard seeds
  • ½ teaspoon coriander seeds, or more to taste
  • 2 tablespoons white wine (not too dry)
  • 3 tablespoons sauerkraut juice
  • ¼ cup drained sauerkraut, coarsely chopped
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar, or more to taste
  • 1 tablespoon prepared horseradish
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
In This Recipe
  1. Lightly crush the mustard and coriander seeds with a mortar and pestle. Cover with the wine and sauerkraut juice and allow to sit overnight, or for at least nine hours. (You can do this in your blender, if you know you won’t be using it for anything else during that time.)
  2. When ready to make the mustard, puree the soaked seeds with the wine and juice in a blender for about a minute.
  3. Then add all of the the remaining ingredients, except the salt, and blend thoroughly to the desired consistency. Taste, and add salt if you like. (I generally don't, because I tend to eat mustard with foods that already are rather salty.)
  4. Allow to stand at room temperature for at least 12 hours before serving. Then store covered in the fridge.
  5. Enjoy!! ;o)

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Recipe by: AntoniaJames

When I'm not working (negotiating transactions for internet companies), or outside enjoying the gorgeous surroundings here in Boulder County, CO, I'm likely to be cooking, shopping for food, planning my next culinary experiment, or researching, voraciously, whatever interests me. In my kitchen, no matter what I am doing -- and I actually don't mind cleaning up -- I am deeply grateful for having the means to create, share with others and eat great food. Life is very good. ;o)