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The Pineapple Express

May 31, 2011
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  • Serves 4 to 5 in highball or fountain glasses, more in shorter glasses
Author Notes

A few facts about this fizzy, sweet, float-like slush:
1) It was inspired by a Maui institution: the Tasaka Family “guri-guri,” a frozen sherbet-like confection.
2) All that is known for certain about the "guri-guri" is that it contains sweetened condensed milk. The rest of the recipe is a closely guarded family secret.
3) After one sip, my six-year-old declared, “It does not look like it will be, but this is delicious!,” shortly followed by, “Put this on the Food52!”
4) In an attempt to out-comment his big sister, my three-year-old son then said, “Momma, put it on…Twitter!”
5) Clearly, I have some issues.
6) Finally, my youngest brother -- who inspired my Dirty Chai Toddy -- coined the name "The Pineapple Express." Did I mention he just got back from a semester abroad that included time in Amsterdam? (Maybe your first instinct about the drink was right, after all.) Innuendo aside, I like the drink because once everything is frozen, it is a cinch to put together.

Note: For a description on cutting a pineapple, see my recipe for a Mai Tai Tart: - gingerroot —gingerroot

Test Kitchen Notes

This was such a refreshing and tasty warm weather drink. I loved the combination of the pineapple, sweet milk, and seltzer. With just the right sweetness and pinapple zing, I am bound to make this many times this summer. And, if I happen to have a little dark rum sitting around, it may just end up in the mix, as well! —Victoria Ross

What You'll Need
  • 1 14-ounce can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 cup milk (I used 2%)
  • 1 fragrant, ripe pineapple, cored, cut into small fan-shaped wedges, and frozen (about 5 cups of fruit)
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • Very cold sparkling mineral water or seltzer
  • Rosemary sprigs (optional, but recommended)
  1. Combine sweetened condensed milk, milk, and vanilla in a shallow container. Freeze until consistency is slushy, at least three or four hours. As you would with a granita, rake the surface of mixture every hour or so with a fork. After 4 hours mine was still a bit gooey, like condensed milk dotted with ice crystals.
  2. When ready to make your drinks, blend the pineapple to desired consistency in a blender using the ice crush function. (I liked mine with a few little chunks of fruit.) This works best in batches, about a cup of fruit at a time. Transfer to a bowl as you go.
  3. Fill each glass about halfway with icy crushed pineapple. For highball glasses, this is about a cup of fruit. Add 3 tablespoons of the condensed milk mixture for highball or fountain glasses, or 2 tablespoons for shorter glasses. Top with cold sparkling mineral water or seltzer. Stir and taste (add more condensed milk mixture if you want it a little sweeter). Garnish with a rosemary sprig, if desired -- it imparts a lovely woodsy aroma as you sip. Enjoy!

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Recipe by: gingerroot

My most vivid childhood memories have to do with family and food. As a kid, I had the good fortune of having a mom who always encouraged trying new things, and two grandmothers who invited me into their kitchens at a young age. I enjoy cooking for the joy it brings me - sharing food with loved ones - and as a stress release. I turn to it equally during good times and bad. Now that I have two young children, I try to be conscientious about what we cook and eat. Right about the time I joined food52, I planted my first raised bed garden and joined a CSA; between the two I try to cook as sustainably and organically as I can. Although I'm usually cooking alone, my children are my favorite kitchen companions and I love cooking with them. I hope when they are grown they will look back fondly at our time spent in the kitchen, as they teach their loved ones about food-love. Best of all, after years on the mainland for college and graduate school, I get to eat and cook and raise my children in my hometown of Honolulu, HI. When I'm not cooking, I am helping others grow their own organic food or teaching schoolchildren about art.

28 Reviews

indieculinary June 3, 2013
Hard to beat fizzy pineapple. Saved!
gingerroot June 6, 2013
Thanks, indieculinary, I have to agree. : ) Hope you enjoy it if you try it.
dymnyno June 7, 2011
I love guri guri, especially the pineapple flavor. It's about the only reason that I have to go to the Maui Mall
gingerroot June 8, 2011
I was waiting for you to say you've had guri guri! : )
AppleAnnie June 6, 2011
This reminds me slightly of a wonderful pineapple-banana smoothie on the menu at the Mustard Seed Market in Northeastern Ohio, called "pulp friction"
gingerroot June 8, 2011
Thanks, AppleAnnie!
boulangere June 2, 2011
Great story, greater flavors.
gingerroot June 3, 2011
Thanks, boulangere! The sweet pineapple (hopefully at least), made creamy and rich with the condensed milk and vanilla, is balanced nicely with the herbal rosemary and bubbly seltzer.
mrslarkin June 2, 2011
Ancient guri-guri secret no more! Sounds awesome. Suck on that rosemary sprig - very tasty!
gingerroot June 3, 2011
Lol! Thanks, mrslarkin! You are so right about that rosemary sprig. I really loved it in this.
This recipe looks / sounds awesome! I've been hunting for some recipes that contain Pineapple. I will be sure to try this recipe when I have a chance! Good luck with your other recipes.
gingerroot June 2, 2011
Thank you! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
aargersi June 1, 2011
Da Kine!
I just love this recipe! I plan to make it really soon. And I really enjoyed your headnote - so funny!!
gingerroot June 1, 2011
Thanks so much, ChezSuzanne! We all really enjoyed it and were in stitches last night after the comments from the peanut gallery. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you try it.
TiggyBee May 31, 2011
Maui wowie. Love it!
gingerroot May 31, 2011
Lol, I mean, ahem, not that Maui institution. I heart you, TiggyBee!
TiggyBee June 2, 2011
I heart you too!
lorigoldsby May 31, 2011
This sounds delightful.
gingerroot May 31, 2011
Thanks so much, Lori!
wssmom May 31, 2011
Always listen to the wisdom of children! Yum!
gingerroot May 31, 2011
So true, wssmom! Thanks!
inpatskitchen May 31, 2011
Oh wow!! We love pineapple around here and have one sitting on the counter...let me run out and get some condensed milk!!
gingerroot May 31, 2011
Wow, Pat! I'd love to hear your thoughts about it.
Sagegreen May 31, 2011
Yum! I am working on a pineapple drink, but yours sounds wonderful!!
gingerroot May 31, 2011
Thank you, Sagegreen! Looking forward to your pineapple concoction.
hardlikearmour May 31, 2011
Cowabunga! This sounds amazing, dude!
gingerroot May 31, 2011
Lol! You crack me up. Thanks, hope you try it! xx