Savory Kugelhopf

June 12, 2011
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  • Makes twin mini kugelhopfs
Author Notes

Well I am guilt-ridden when I am not working on my book...but I am unhappy when I don't make time for cooking: I am struggling to find a balance this summer. Today was very cool and a Sunday. So I indulged in a whole day of baking. Earlier I had promised thirschfeld a savory kugelhopf. Finally here is a gluten-free version. This pairs well with a dry brut, cava, or proseco. Because I only had manchego cheese, not gruyere, I then decided to cast a Spanish spin and add a pinch of saffron. I first enjoyed a classic version of this in the Alsace region of Europe where I lived for a few years. This cake had me at "hallo." It is much easier to make than a yeasted bread. The aroma will get you first....and then, the smokey eyes. —Sagegreen

Test Kitchen Notes

As I savory, gluten-free option, this kugelhopf is delicious and meaty in flavor. I used one package of active dry yeast (2 1/4 tsp if you purchase it in larger quantities) as I wasn't sure if fresh yeast cubes came in different weights, so erred on the side of caution. If using manchego, I suggest not using one made from raw milk. I did and it slightly overpowered the subtle flavor of speck. Keep an eye on it around 35 minutes as the crust cooks very quickly. —Victoria Ross

What You'll Need
  • 2 cups brown rice flour
  • 2 tablespoons light brown sugar
  • 2 tbl. potato starch
  • 1 cube fresh yeast or envelope of active dry yeast
  • 2 whole eggs, beaten gently
  • 1/2 cup softened butter
  • 1/2 cup buttermilk, lukewarm
  • pinch of Spanish saffron threads
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • @125 gr.(@1/4 c) of German speck, minced (real Black Forest ham or Italian smoked meat can substitute)
  • @125 gr. (@1/4 cup) grated manchego cheese (or gruyere)
  • 1 teaspoon Meyer lemon zest (or regular lemon)
  • butter for pans
  1. Add the rice flour, brown sugar, and potato starch to a mixing bowl. Make a well in the center. Add the yeast and eggs to the well. Mix quickly and then let rest for 10 minutes.
  2. Add the saffron and salt to the lukewarm buttermilk (not warmer than 108 degrees). Beat in the softened butter. Add the minced speck, grated cheese,and zest to the milk mixture and then to the flour. Stir vigorously with a wooden spoon for 10 minutes or 5 with a dough hook. Cover and let rise for an hour.
  3. Generously butter the kugelhopf pans. Evenly divide and spoon the dough into the two pans. Allow these to rise for an hour.
  4. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees convection with fan or 375 regular. Bake the dual (@2.5 cup) loaves for about 35-40 minutes or until golden brown. Allow to cool in pan for 15 minutes, then turn out onto a rack for cooling. Best to eat same day: Any leftovers toast up beautifully later.

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39 Reviews

beejay45 November 21, 2014
Two gluten free kugelhopf recipes on Food52 (could be more I haven't seen)! Amazing. I just got my order from my favorite specialty food purveyor which, handily, includes some chopped prosciutto and some smoked gruyere, both of which I think I will try for this, probably OTT but I may add some dill or maybe thin sliced green onion tops as well.

Do you think these proportions/ingredients would work with regular flour as well? Thanks for the savoury version. I'm sure we'll actually like that better than the classic sweeter one.
bonbonmarie June 11, 2012
Oh, how I want to make this! Too busy right now, but perhaps next week. I will post my results. Thanks Sagegreen!
Sagegreen June 13, 2012
Thanks, bbm. If you do make this sometime, I would love to get your feedback on it!
Summer O. June 6, 2012
This sounds fantastic!
Sagegreen June 13, 2012
Thanks so much SoE!
boulangere June 3, 2012
I love it! When I was in culinary school I made a savory kugelhoupf. One of my classmates was from Alsace. He viewed it as sacrilege and never spoke to me again. Rock on!
Sagegreen June 3, 2012
Thanks, boulangere. I enjoyed savory ones in southern Germany! I love both savory and sweet versions.
Nadia H. September 18, 2011
Very tasty! I wanted to make a large kugelhopf so I doubled all of the ingredients except the yeast (based on hah's recommendation), butter (couldn't get myself to add 2 full sticks of butter so I took the chance and used the original amount, which was fine; maybe next time I'll add a bit more buttermilk for extra moisture), cheese, and speck.
Sagegreen September 18, 2011
Thanks, MGT, for your feedback. I am so glad you liked this.
Sagegreen June 17, 2011
I was just going to add that you can place a pan of water in the bottom of your oven when baking.
drbabs June 15, 2011
sagegreen, your first instruction is: Add the flour, sugar, and starch to a mixing bowl. What starch? I don't see starch in the ingredients list. Thanks.
Sagegreen June 15, 2011
Thanks for asking. I am using 2 tbl. of potato starch, which I noted on the same line as the brown sugar...will correct to make more clear and list as its own line. The brown sugar helps you get the golden brown crust and the potato starch helps temper the flour. That flavor works well with the bacon/cheese flavors I think. I made one version with corn starch, but potato is better. I was trying to use as little starch as possible.
gingerroot June 15, 2011
Wow, not sure how I missed this. Looks and sounds absolutely delicious.
Sagegreen June 15, 2011
Thanks, gingerroot!
Kitchen B. June 14, 2011
It looks stunning - and bacon in cake can't be a bad thing! Ever.
Sagegreen June 14, 2011
Thanks, KB. The speck just melds right into the batter while it bakes. You can make a vegetarian version with just the cheese and add some crunched nuts, but the speck is sooo delicious!
nogaga June 14, 2011
I love the idea of this savoury cake!
Sagegreen June 14, 2011
Thanks, nogaga. These two were gone pretty quickly and I am tempted to make them again already.
Lizthechef June 14, 2011
This is one terrific recipe - thumbs up!!
Sagegreen June 14, 2011
Thanks so much, Liz. Glad you managed the heat in NYC. Wish you could have visited for a slice of this cake, here!
adamnsvetcooking June 13, 2011
this looks great sage!
Sagegreen June 13, 2011
Thanks, adamsvet! So nice to hear from you. I was wondering how you were doing. Hope you will have a restful summer after a busy academic year?
adamnsvetcooking June 13, 2011
Yeah...school is really really busy. I hardly find the time to do any cooking now days :(
What book are you writing? How have you been?
Sagegreen June 14, 2011
Just sent you a message! Good to catch up!
drbabs June 13, 2011
really wonderful recipe.
Sagegreen June 13, 2011
Thanks, drbabs! This was also breakfast, today (with coffee, not proseco).
drbabs June 13, 2011
you don't drink prosecco for breakfast?! :)
Sagegreen June 14, 2011
Well, a bellini would do really nicely with this!
hardlikearmour June 12, 2011
Love the idea of a savory kugelhopf....now I just need a pan!
Sagegreen June 12, 2011
A bundt cake pan would also work. A larger version would bake a bit longer. Each mini pan of mine is 2.5 cups. I was looking for a reason to use them!
boulangere June 12, 2011
Oh my, this looks amazing. When you specify rapid rising yeast, is that the same as what is labeled by Fleischmann's as Rapid Rise? And could I substitute instant yeast along with a pinch of ascorbic acid?
Sagegreen June 12, 2011
Thanks.Actually, I used one envelope of Red Star active dry, but needed to wait longer for the rise. I will adjust the recipe. One cake I made just with cheese and the other with speck and cheese. There goes the diet! But this has uses less butter than a sweet kugelhopf. I was glad to avoid xanthan and significant starch. I have been experimenting this afternoon with the gluten free variations.
boulangere June 12, 2011
Yes, glad to see the absence of xanthan gum. I'm going to try it this week with instant yeast and proscuitto, which I happen to have on hand. I'll let you know how it turns out. Beautiful photos! And go Mavericks!
Sagegreen June 12, 2011
Thanks so much! Please let me know what you think! Proscuitto should work fine. Since the Celtics are out, go Mavs!
boulangere June 12, 2011
And since the Lakers are out also . . .
Sagegreen June 13, 2011
Yay, Mavs!
boulangere June 13, 2011
Oh, can you believe it! I don't think many saw this coming.
wssmom June 14, 2011
MAV-elous!! (the recipe and the team!)
Sagegreen June 14, 2011
Wssmom, you are so clever! Gotta love the MAValous mavs! And thank you.