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Chocolate Truffle Cake

June 16, 2011
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  • Makes 9" cake
Author Notes

This is a blast from the past before "gluten free" became buzz words and flourless had a bit of novelty . Whenever I brought this cake to a party the wow factor was huge, while the effort minimal only three ingredients. I still bring it for office birthday parties.

It is also a very versatile base from which to create a number of other concoctions. I usually place whipped cream on top and then place sliced strawberries on top.

I've baked it in a half sheet pan, cooled and made riffs on "Funny Bones" "Ding Dongs" by putting peanut butter butter cream or whipped cream between the layers and dunking them in ganache and adding the trademarked curlicue.

Judy at My Well Seasoned Life

Test Kitchen Notes

This chocolate truffle cake is very easy to prepare -- it's got a super short ingredient list and doesn't bake for very long -- and yet, is decadent and delicious. I used 72% chocolate and loved that the cake wasn't too sweet (though my kids might have preferred a "less dark" chocolate). I baked mine in an 8-inch springform pan because that's all I had, so I increased the baking time a bit because it was thicker than it would have been in a 9-inch one. Served with creme fraiche and raspberries, this cake was a wonderful treat. - WinnieAb —WinnieAb

What You'll Need
  • 1 pound Bitter sweet Chocolate
  • 1/2 pound sweet butter
  • 6 eggs separated
  • 1 pinch salt
  1. Preheat oven 400 degrees
  2. Melt chocolate and butter over a double boiler to combine. Stir to combine. Cool.
  3. While the chocolate/butter mixture cools separate the eggs. It's best to use room temperature eggs for this recipe. Make sure none of the yolk gets into the whites.
  4. In a grease free bowl whip the egg whites and the pinch of salt until they hold a peak. Use upright or hand held mixer. Don't over whip or the mixture will become grainy.
  5. In a separate bowl whip the yolks with a whisk until they lighten in color.
  6. Once the chocolate/butter mixture has cooled to room temperature add about quarter to half a cup of the chocolate mixture to the yolks to temper. Mix until one color. Slowly add the yolks to the chocolate and stir slowly to incorporate.
  7. Fold egg whites into chocolate mixture.
  8. Pour batter into 9" spring form pan. Bake for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes remove from oven. Cake will be a bit softer in the middle.
  9. Once the cake is cooled the only way to go is up. Add whip cream to the top of the cake and place your favorite berry on top. This cake freezes well.

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