Vodka-Spiked Loganberry Lemonade

July 11, 2011

Author Notes: As all great pool drinks are, this cocktail was born from the booze and juices I had on hand. (Who wants to leave the party for a store run? Not I.) On a hot day, I mixed up just enough vodka for two, lemonade, and a splash or so of a Clear Creek Distillery loganberry liqueur from our weekend trip to Portland. Voila: this sweet but not cloying summer drink came into being. KatelynH

Serves: 1


  • 1.5 shots vodka
  • 1 cup high-quality lemonade or limeade
  • 1 splash Clear Creek Distillery loganberry liqueur
In This Recipe


  1. Measure vodka into your serving glass of choice. Add ice to taste (a few cubes will do).
  2. Pour lemonade over the vodka, then stir with a spoon, fork, or convenient writing implement.
  3. Finally, splash the loganberry liqueur into the glass. Don't stir-- the final product looks prettier that way!
  4. Serve (to yourself or a loved one you'd like to impress) and enjoy!

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1 Review

seaphotog July 12, 2011
excellent flavor combos and so refreshing!