BEAT Breakfast Sandwich

August 14, 2011
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Photo by James Ransom
  • Prep time 10 minutes
  • Cook time 15 minutes
  • Makes 2 sandwiches, easily scaled down to 1
Author Notes

Full disclosure: I am not a morning person; it is hard for me to get going in the morning, and more often than not, breakfast is coffee and something super-quick, like a pre-packaged breakfast bar or a bowl of cereal. Some days I need something more substantial, but I still don't want to spend a bunch of time in front of the stove. Enter the breakfast sandwich. This version combines bacon, egg, avocado, and cherry or grape tomatoes. I find that cherry tomatoes pack more flavor per bite than sliced tomatoes most of the year, but if you have some good heirloom slicers, feel free to substitute. This sandwich comes together pretty quickly: The prep work is done while the bacon is frying, and the assembly is done while the eggs are frying. Applying the mashed avocado to both slices of bread helps decrease the mess factor, but do be careful so you don't have to change your shirt before you head to work!
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Test Kitchen Notes

WHO: When hardlikearmour is home alone, she makes herself soft scrambled eggs and toast.
WHAT: A breakfast sandwich worth rolling out of bed for.
HOW: Spread mashed avocado on two pieces of toast and let it act as a catch-all for a runny egg, crumbled bacon, and sliced cherry tomatoes.
WHY WE LIKE IT: Breakfast sandwiches are usually too fussy for anything but weekend brunches, but not this one. You can prep and assemble as you go, leaving you plenty of time to make it work by 9 AM and still put your cereal routine to rest. —The Editors

What You'll Need
  • 2 slices thick-cut bacon
  • 1/2 large Hass avocado
  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice
  • Table or fine sea salt
  • 10 to 12 cherry tomatoes
  • 4 thick slices of Bâtard or your favorite sandwich bread
  • 2 eggs
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  1. Place your bacon into a cold frying pan, then heat over medium, turning occasionally, until it's crisp.
  2. While the bacon is cooking, combine the avocado, lemon juice, and 1/4 teaspoon salt in a small bowl. Mash everything together with a fork, until fairly smooth. Set aside.
  3. Wash and quarter your cherry tomatoes. Push to one side of your cutting board. Line the other side of the cutting board with 2 layers of paper towels for draining the bacon.
  4. Toast your bread when the bacon is close to being done. Crack the eggs into a small bowl, and set aside.
  5. Remove the bacon and place it on the paper towels. Pour off all but a tablespoon or two of the bacon grease (but save the rest for other uses!). Fold the paper towels over top of the bacon, and pat to remove most of the grease.
  6. Pour the eggs into the frying pan, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place a lid over the eggs, and allow to cook until the whites are set, but the yolks still runny (or to firm yolks if that's what you like). This will only take a few minutes.
  7. Divide the mashed avocado mixture between the 4 slices of bread, spreading in an even layer on each slice. Divide the cherry tomatoes between the 2 "bottom" slices of bread. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Crumble a slice of bacon onto each "top" slice of bread.
  8. Place an egg on top of the tomatoes, and add the "top" slice of bread to the "bottom." (You can also arrange the components on the sandwich however you like.) Slice with a serrated knife, or eat whole. Enjoy a great start to your day!

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57 Reviews

Kathy M. May 15, 2017
This is a GREAT idea for breakfast or breakfast for dinner! I'd like to suggest as a variation, adding a couple of spoonsful of salsa (or pico de gallo if you prefer). I *love* salsa on my eggs, and sometimes even add it to my guacamole.
Rachael September 8, 2014
Breakfast sandwiches are some of my favorite creations. I can't wait to try this one!!!
HapppyBee September 7, 2014
I am so like you in the mornings-cup of coffee first thing, but then I really don't want to cook or make breakfast. I'll go out to eat in a flash, tho. This sandwich is the perfect answer because it's easy and delicious and doable first thing in the morning. I love it. Mine are usually just the bacon and egg combo, but the avocado and tomato additions are sublime. Thank you and congratulations!
iWantMore September 8, 2014
seriously? you think this isn't work? It's actually more work than a simple breakfast sandwich. No thanks, life is complicated enough.

cookinginvictoria September 5, 2014
Congrats, Sara on the Wildcard win! This looks super delicious for breakfast or for dinner. On my "must try soon" list.
Steve P. September 4, 2014
I don't care for avocado, but potatoes and onions cooked until soft and mashed and spread are a great replacement.
Annette L. September 3, 2014
Wow, that was good! Thanks for the scrumptious dinner recipe.
Sunnycovechef September 3, 2014
This looks fantastic, I love all the stuff that is in it. I would make it for lunch. Yummy!!!!
aargersi September 3, 2014
WOOP! Yay Wildcard! This looks uber-delish
hardlikearmour September 3, 2014
Thank you! :-)
FOXHAUS March 2, 2013
This was amazing. Thank you. After frying the eggs, I sautéed some spinach and added it to each sandwich. My seven year old had two.
hardlikearmour March 3, 2013
Yum! I guess that makes it a BEAST sandwich :-)
ChefJune June 19, 2012
Oh boy, am I ever making this for breakfast on Sunday!!! WOW!
hardlikearmour June 19, 2012
I'd be honored!
fiveandspice June 12, 2012
Pretty much my favorite breakfast ever. Especially when someone else gets up to make it.
hardlikearmour June 12, 2012
It's a lucky person who get's someone else to make them breakfast!! I figure the goodness of the avocado & tomatoes cancels out the badness of the bacon!
fiveandspice June 12, 2012
It IS a lucky person. And I'd say 99.999% of the time the lucky person is my husband...but here's to hoping, right?! And, the goodness of avocado and tomatoes definitely cancels out any bacon badness. Plus, if the bacon is nitrate free and from pork that was not grain fed, it's pretty much not bad at all because even though it's fatty, the fat is not that bad of a type of fat! (Saturated fat is not as bad for you as the government insists on saying.) Which is totally a sign that there is some good in the universe.
arielleclementine September 25, 2011
we had this for lunch yesterday, and it was amazing!! also, i can't thank you enough for that egg cooking technique- i've always fried eggs one at a time, spooning hot butter over the top to cook the whites- this was so much easier, and i can do two at a time! you're the best!
hardlikearmour September 25, 2011
Yay! So glad you liked it & learned a new trick to boot. I was just wondering what to make for supper tonight, and this will be perfect!
Summer O. September 2, 2011
Yu-um. This just looks like perfection.
hardlikearmour September 2, 2011
Thanks, SoE! It's a really satisfying meal.
boulangere September 1, 2011
Congratulations on your lovely EP!
hardlikearmour September 1, 2011
Thanks, B! You're review was awesome.
boulangere September 1, 2011
So's your sandwich.
boulangere August 28, 2011
OK, I broke the rules and made it for dinner last night along with a big salad. Every single drippy, finger-sucking bite was delicious. I'd make it again in a heartbeat. And I saved the bacon drippings right in the very same pan - yes, I put a lid on it, and don't tell me you've never done that - and started AW's ratatouille in it. Sort of two for one, doesn't get much better than that.
hardlikearmour August 29, 2011
I'm thrilled you enjoyed it, and I love your use of the left-over bacon drippings. Yum!
marynn August 19, 2011
Great flavor combination. What I love best, however, is the detailed precision of the directions: "Push to one side of your cutting board. Line the other side of the cutting board with 2 layers of paper towels for draining the bacon." Not 1, not 3, 2. Even the most non-morning person can get this day-brightener done.
hardlikearmour August 19, 2011
Thanks, marynn! I seriously need all the help I can get in the morning.
wssmom August 16, 2011
The avocado sends this over the top! Double plus good!
hardlikearmour August 17, 2011
Thanks, wssmom! I ? avocado.
BlueKaleRoad August 16, 2011
Huge YUM!
hardlikearmour August 16, 2011
Thanks, BKR!
lapadia August 16, 2011
I'll take one of these for a late breakfast, do you think you can get it to me in time ? :) My stomach is growling - as I look at the photo...
hardlikearmour August 16, 2011
If I made it right now I could get it to you by 8am! Of course I'd probably break down and eat it on the way ;)
lapadia August 16, 2011
LOL!! I think my laughing just work everybody up...rise and shine!
lapadia June 14, 2012
BTW, still waiting for my delivery :) !!!
hardlikearmour June 14, 2012
arielleclementine August 15, 2011
This is a very handsome sandwich! Wish I was eating it right now!
hardlikearmour August 15, 2011
Thanks, ac!