Halloween Hot Toddy in a Crockpot

October 31, 2011
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  • Serves 24
Author Notes

Every year we try to have something for the brave moms and dads who accompany their kids in their endless roundsof candy hunting on All Hallowed's Eve. This year is going to be realitively warm, so Caramel Hot Spiced Cider —lorigoldsby

Test Kitchen Notes

Hot damn, that lorigoldsby knows how to put hair on a girl's chest! We had our first real snowfall and temperature plunge Friday night. The next day, my neighbor and I teamed up to shovel our sidewalks and driveways together. This was our reward. "Light" butter, oh puhlease. I mean, get real. An entire fifth of Buttershot Schnapps, a gentle hammer of Hot Damn! Schnapps, then brown sugar and—whipping cream, oh and Amaretto in the sauce which gets drizzled over—whipped cream! Please let it be noted that I made a two-person batch of punch, but an entire batch of the caramel, which I have grand plans for. I'd have posted a photo, but we consumed all the evidence. I'm hoping for a lot more snow—and soon. —boulangere

What You'll Need
  • Hot caramel Cider
  • 1 gallon apple cider
  • 1 fifth of Buttershot schnapps
  • 1 cup Hot Damm! schnapps
  • Caramel Sauce
  • 1 stick of light butter
  • 2 cups brown sugar (no need to pack)
  • 1 pint whipping ctream
  • 1/2 cup amaretto
  1. Melt butter over med-high heat. Add brown sugar, mix to combine. allow it to come to a simmer.
  2. Add whipping cream, it will bubble. Stir vigorously and off the heat add the amaretto.
  3. In a large crock pot, add the cider, both schanpps and caramel sauce. Serve with whipped cream and a spider web made of caramel sauce.
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Recipe by: lorigoldsby

I learned to cook with my Gran. I can still see her reading a recipe and figuring out how she would make it better. She was fearless about substituting ingredients--but also knowledgeable. She approached food in the same way she built her antique business--appreciate quality ingredients and workmanship, but don't be a snob. I think I carry those same beliefs in my approach to cooking. I love family style dinners, I love a fancy ladies' luncheon with my wedding china, or a backyard seafood boil to celebrate my husband's birthday...I love to share food with others.

9 Reviews

boulangere November 21, 2011
Hot damn, this is good! And that caramel sauce is divine! I see lots of possibilities for it.
lorigoldsby November 22, 2011
Thank you for testing it! I appreciate your kind note! Am I jealous that you got snow already? But at least u have that big blue sky and mountain sun! Keep warm this winter.
Panfusine November 3, 2011
OOOHH.. this sounds diabolically good!!
lorigoldsby November 3, 2011
Thanks Panfusine ! U were on point claiming community picks this afternoon! Congrats on your CP!
Panfusine November 3, 2011
Thanks Lori!
Panfusine November 3, 2011
OOOHH.. this sounds diabolically good!!
lorigoldsby October 31, 2011
Yes, those are the actual names. You can find them in any liquor store. The crowds said this was my best batch. I started out years ago with just cider and the Hot Damm! ( cinnamon schnapps).
Bevi November 2, 2011
Is Butterscotch Schnapps the same thing?
lorigoldsby November 8, 2011
Yes. I think it depends on the brand.