Cranberry Apple Sparkling Punch

By Bevi
November 7, 2011

Test Kitchen-Approved

Author Notes: This punch is very easy to assemble, and can be enhanced with a nice cranberry or apple sorbet if you want to make it very festive. I highly recommend Jeni Bauer's Cranberry Royale Sorbet from her book, JENI'S SPLENDID ICE CREAM AT HOME.Bevi

Food52 Review: Besides being festive and refreshing, Bevi's Sparkling Cranberry Apple Punch deserves kudos for the breathtaking ease which which it comes together! This time of year, we love ease. The only labor-intensive parts are squeezing the fresh lime juice (which gives the punch a nice zip) and making the Lady Apple ice floats, and you could really skip that and go for a regular ice ring to keep the whole thing chilled. We made two versions, one with sparkling apple cider (Martinelli's organic), which we had on hand, and the other with Knudsen's sparkling apple juice after we found it. We actually preferred the version with the cider as it was a bit less sweet. Love this punch for a party!wssmom

Serves: 15-20 people


  • 1 bottle dry prosecco or champagne
  • 1 bottle 25. 4 oz. of sparkling apple juice (I like Knudson's)
  • 1 bottle 25.4 oz. of sparkling cranberry juice
  • 1/2 to 3/4 cups fresh lime juice
  • 6-9 lady apples - as small as you can find
In This Recipe


  1. The night before or several hours prior to assembllng the punch, place lady apples in a few round containers, or in a bundt pan and fill with water. Freeze.
  2. Pour cold prosecco or champagne and both bottles of sparkling juices in a large bowl. Stir well, and then add lime juice gradually according to your taste preference.
  3. Run warm water over the frozen containers to loosen the ice floes. Place in the bowl to keep punch cold.
  4. Serve with a small dollop of sorbet in each glass if you desire.

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7 Reviews

lapadia November 10, 2011
Refreshing and beautiful, thanks for sharing with us!
Author Comment
Bevi November 10, 2011
Thanks lapadia! It's a nice flavor.
wssmom November 9, 2011
The Lady Apple ice floes rock!!!!
Author Comment
Bevi November 9, 2011
Thanks Lady!
hardlikearmour November 8, 2011
Yum! This sounds refreshing, and I love that you used lime juice for tartness!
Author Comment
Bevi November 8, 2011
Thanks HLA! The lime juice adds a nice Ping.
Author Comment
Bevi November 7, 2011
Well, again you inspired me. It has been a cranberry and apple week around here. It is very simple and you can regulate the sweetness quite easily with more or less lime juice. So thank you!