Walnut Sage Financiers

January  2, 2012
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  • Makes 12
Author Notes

Why should almonds get to have all the fun? Walnut financiers are just as easy, tender, and delicious. And since brown butter is an integral part of the financier process, it's simple to throw in a handful of sage leaves to infuse the butter and then use them as a pretty garnish. —sugarmountaintreats

Test Kitchen Notes

In this classic financier batter, walnuts stand in for almonds and make a strong case for diversity in nuts, while sage adds an unexpected and sophisticated touch. Do keep a close eye on the butter as it browns, it's the key to the rich, nutty flavor you expect in a financier. —Lauren Utvich

What You'll Need
  • 10 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 12 small sage leaves
  • 3/4 cup finely ground walnuts
  • 2/3 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup grade B maple syrup
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 5 egg whites
  1. Preheat oven to 400 F. Generously butter 12 financier tins or a 12-cup muffin pan.
  2. In a dry frying pan, toast the ground walnuts until fragrant and lightly colored (you can also toast the walnuts before grinding, if you prefer). Do not allow to burn. Set aside in a small bowl and wipe out the frying pan.
  3. Cut the butter into five large pieces and add to the frying pan. Melt over medium heat. When the butter starts to boil, add the sage leaves. Keep a close watch on the pan and remove from the heat when the butter is fragrant and nutty-smelling, with small brown flecks, and the sage leaves are crisp. Pour into a medium bowl. For a perfectly smooth texture, strain the butter; otherwise, just fish out the sage leaves to use later as a garnish.
  4. Add the walnuts, flour, maple syrup, and powdered sugar to the butter and whisk thoroughly. Add the egg whites and whisk some more, until the mixture is completely smooth. It should be pourable. Pour the batter into the prepared tins and press a sage leaf onto the top of each.
  5. Bake for 12-15 minutes, or until the tops are bouncy (if you're using a muffin tin, it might take a few minutes longer). Turn off the oven and leave the financiers in to dry for 5 more minutes. Remove from oven and allow to cool for five minutes, then unmold and serve.
  6. Financiers will keep, in an airtight container at room temperature, for up to three days. I think they're even better the next day, when the texture is a bit denser.
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10 Reviews

kai R. October 6, 2023
These Walnut Financiers with Sage sound like a delightful twist on the classic almond financiers. The addition of brown butter and sage leaves must bring a unique and savory depth of flavor to these tender treats. Can't wait to try making them at home! 😋🌿 #Yum
sugarmountaintreats April 28, 2014
Hello everyone - I usually just whip the egg whites in until the mixture is foamy, and the texture is perfect. But if you're worried about density, you could certainly whip them in a stand mixer first and fold them into the mixture.
Anastasia March 5, 2014
The recipe sounds so good. Should I beat the whites until peaks form first? I'm a little confused here.
Irina R. October 29, 2013
Walnut and sage must be a great combination! I have never tried it before so I want it badly!
Dear Sugarmountaintreats I have a question: should I beat the whites until peaks form or just mix them as they are into the batter?
neighome December 24, 2012
These have terrific flavor. And so pretty with a sage leaf on top! Unfortunately mine were quite flat--more like bars of lead that bars of gold! I'm sure we'll eat these up anyway. But I'm wondering what I did wrong. I whisked by hand. Was I supposed to use a hand mixer or stand mixer? I used standard financier forms.
lakelurelady February 27, 2012
These financiers are genius. I have a question for Amanda and Merrill. Where did you get your brick shaped financier pans?
EmilyC January 19, 2012
Lovely! Congrats on the CP!
sugarmountaintreats February 1, 2012
thanks! I just wish mine had come out half so beautifully...
Midge January 2, 2012
What a cool idea!
mrslarkin January 2, 2012
these look tasty and so pretty!! The infused brown butter is such a great idea.