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Tuna Teriyaki Topping from Japanese Grandma-in-Law

February 29, 2012
Author Notes

This is my husband's Grandmother's recipe for Fish Topping. They are from Kyoto and flavor foods with a more subtle taste than in Tokyo. This is surprisingly sweet. She used it for Boy's Day on May 5. I use this topping in sushi for Girl's Day on March 3.
You may have seen 'commercial tuna topping' on Chirashi Sushi-a pink, fluffy sweet powder, this is the same thing (without the food coloring.) —BoulderGalinTokyo

  • Makes about 1 cup
  • 2 5-oz can Tuna (water-packed)
  • 3 Tablespoons Lite Kikkoman Soy Sauce (low sodium)
  • 3 Tablespoons Mirin
In This Recipe
  1. Drain fish, put in a small sauce pan, and just barely cover with fresh water. Add soy sauce and mirin. On medium-low heat, stir every 3 or 4 minutes and cook (around 20 minutes) until almost all the water is gone. Should be the texture of refried beans. DONE!
  2. Serve as topping on hot rice, baked potatoes, eggs, or steamed vegetables. Great stuffing for rice balls.
  3. Notes: Any canned water-packed fish is OK for this recipe. Experiment with mackerel or salmon. Fresh fish is OK too.
  4. Notes: Try to use Real mirin--it does have alcohol content. OR substitute sake (3) + sugar or honey(1). It will take a little longer to boil.
  5. Also, check the expiration date on your soy sauce. As time passes it can get thick and salty.

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