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Chewy Chocolate Meringues

April 10, 2012
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Photo by Rocky Luten
  • Makes 3 dozen
Author Notes

Deliciously simple, these cookies stay soft in the center under a crisp shell. They're gluten free, with only three ingredients! —Riki Shore

What You'll Need
  • 1 cup egg whites
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 cup dark chocolate chips
  1. Preheat the oven to 275 degrees. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.
  2. Place the egg whites and sugar in a medium saucepan over medium-low heat. Cook, stirring, until the sugar melts.
  3. Place the warm egg white and sugar mixture in the bowl of a stand mixer and beat on high until the whites are stiff and glossy, about 5 – 10 minutes.
  4. Add the chocolate chips and mix on medium until incorporated.
  5. Scoop large spoonfuls onto the prepared baking sheets. These cookies won’t spread, but you want to keep an inch between them on the sheet. They will look like fluffy clouds, and will retain this shape during baking.
  6. Bake in the oven for about 45 minutes, rotating the sheets halfway through, until they are hard on the outside and soft in the center. The best way to test is to break one in half and make sure it’s cooked through, but still soft.
  7. Allow to cool completely on the baking sheet before removing them carefully with your hands. Store in an airtight container up to 4 days.

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47 Reviews

Rivka B. April 12, 2020
These cam eout perfectly and I have very little experience. I followed the recipe exactly, and it all worked out!
Alexandra March 15, 2019
Oh nooo! My chocolate chips starting melting a little when i started mixing them into the meringue and then I thought maybe they were supposed to do that, so i scrutinized the picture of the cookies on this recipe and thought, "hm, they certainly look homogenous and not chocolate chippy..." so I just continued mixing it until the chips were nearly completely melted...at which point I realized that I'd probably just killed the meringue (I did kill it, and in hindsight that should have been quite obvious). For any meringue newbs out there or those of you like me who don't trust your instincts: GENTLY FOLD THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS INTO THE MIXTURE AND STOP ONCE EVENLY DISTRIBUTED! DO NOT LET THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS MELT IT WILL RUIN YOUR BEAUTIFUL MERINGUE! :'(
Alexandra March 15, 2019
dont let them melt/overmix i should say. both fatal errors. :(
Jane J. April 19, 2019
I did the same and the result was a crunchy shell sitting on almost a completely separate chewy chocolate cookie. They tasted great, but they were funny looking.

Frankly, I'm not sure how you'd incorporate the chocolate into the still somewhat warm meringue without them melting.
skehias December 20, 2021
really wish I had read this comment earlier!!
Cheryl M. August 12, 2018
Any ideas of whether or not this would work with aquafaba? If so, what tweaks should I make, if any?
stevemr July 1, 2018
These were amazingly good - a chewy cookie like bottom with a crispy dome on top. A question though -- my husband said a meringue shouldn't be hollow inside like these were. I don't care because they were so delicious. But is he right? Should they have been solid? If so, what might I have done "wrong"?
Lauren F. June 21, 2018
I'm going to try this recipe- wish me luck! What do people do with all of the egg yolks this will generate as byproduct?
Jlu July 14, 2018
Make mayonaise!
Jessica C. September 18, 2018
make ice cream!
Sarah L. September 21, 2018
Make orange or lemon curd
Adrienne March 26, 2019
These salted egg yolk choc chip cookies are amazing.
Jo L. January 5, 2020
Creme brûlée
Anykka June 19, 2018
I have to ask, putting eggs with sugar over heat sounds like the eggs will start cooking before sugar melts. Trick to this?
Linda K. June 22, 2018
The sugar dissolves long before the egg actually cooks.
DOUG June 14, 2018
I've been sitting on this idea for a couple of days and decided to try it tonight. I thought for sure they'd be more difficult than they were. NOT. I took Betsy's advice and added a couple of pinches of salt and a tsp of vanilla. I also used a pastry bag and a big enough tip to let the chips through. The whole spoon thing was a mess for me. These are amazing! A perfect crunch when you bite into them, followed by a chewy, melt-in-your-mouth, deliciousness. I've never even made meringue before, so I was sure I'd botch these up, but I didn't. I will say that I learned to bake one pan at a time and not to use any oven shelf below the top one. Maybe your oven is better than mine, but on my first try, the bottoms of the cookies over-baked became very dark quickly. HOWEVER...even that hint of burnt sugar is delicious! I put them aside as my personal stash.
Juju June 7, 2018
Not understanding the egg/sugar thing. If you cook the mixture, won't the egg whites cook? Thanks
debbie M. June 10, 2018
They don't hot enough to cook the whites. Sounds crazy, but it works. You're just warming, rather than cooking them.
back T. February 20, 2018
Had some egg whites around, so made it. So easy and so good! Thanks!
Tammy S. September 4, 2017
I tried to make these using liquid egg whites and splenda. These never became fluffy,just stayed liquid. Then I tried using real egg whites and pyure (sugar substitute). These fluffed up and became stiff,great,then I added the chocolate chips in the mixing bowl set to medium speed and bam,it turned to liquid mess. I guess I was supposed to just fold in the chocolate chips? Any ideas what went wrong?
Adri T. July 24, 2017
I'll give you one tip. Once they're ready don't take them out of the oven. Turn the oven off and let them sleep there overnight. They'll be perfect in the morning
JenniferinTO June 9, 2016
This recipe has been in my family for decades. The chocolate does not melt at all. We grace the tip of each one with a chip for decoration . We called them Polka Dot Kisses.
Betsy May 9, 2016
I added a couple of large pinches of salt and a tsp of vanilla to this recipe and found the flavor deeper and more interesting. We enjoyed them!
Fiona M. May 8, 2015
Hi, is it safe to half this recipe? We're only two people here.
Riki S. May 8, 2015
That should be fine - good luck!
Sweet G. March 25, 2015
I made these last night and not sure what happened... 275 and kept them in for closer to 50 min because they were not drying. They got lightly browned and tasted amazing but were closer to a marshmallow than a meringue. We have laying hens, large to extra large eggs, but i meadured the whites, and stopped at a cup. Which incidentally was 9 eggs.
Natasha C. December 22, 2014
If you want to make it into a pavlova so a big disk how long do you bake it for?
Riki S. December 23, 2014
Sorry, I have no idea about that one as I've never made a pavlova. Experiment with some longer baking times, and best of luck!
Lu January 7, 2015
Pavlova is done a bit differently - you need to add some acid (e.g. lemon juice or white vinegar) and a bit of cornstarch as they keep your middle nice and chewy. I've had success by using 250 grams of sugar, 4 egg whites, 1 teaspoon of cornstarch and 1 teaspoon of white vinegar (you simply whisk in the last two at the very end). I bake at 150C for 1 hour and then leave to cool completely in the oven.
kelly April 22, 2014
Just made these for Passover. Amazing!! Used good quality chocolate.
Kimberly H. December 12, 2013
Can these be made with a sugar substitute like stevia?
Riki S. December 13, 2013
I've never cooked with stevia so I can't answer. Maybe another reader can chime in? Or you can play with the recipe and let us know how it goes?!
toweringinferno August 7, 2014
Kimberly (if this is still a question) I would try xylitol. It looks, tastes, and cooks exactly like sugar - it actually is sugar, just from hardwood rather than cane or beets, with a much lower glycemic index. Doesn't have the "whangy" aftertaste you get from stevia either.
sonyasonya June 22, 2013
Approximately how many eggs are required for 1 cup of whites?
Gaye R. June 24, 2013
I was wondering as well,OR is it the obvious,fill your measuring cup until it shows 1 cup?
Riki S. July 1, 2013
Hi, Sorry for the delay! I usually crack enough eggs and measure out 1 liquid cup of the whites. Just guessing, you'll need about 6 eggs. Hope this helps!
Gaye R. July 1, 2013
thanks Riki,that helps a lot :)
joy June 10, 2018
Great idea using 6 egg whites...then you can use the 6 yolks to make wonderful lemon curd
Tsany June 11, 2013
If you prefer, instead of chocolate chips, place 1 tsp. of the whipped mix, top with 1/2 pecan, add another tsp. of the mix on top. Bake the same way