May 10, 2012
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I secretely discovered this recipe which Amanda and Merrill kept locked in their hearts. But I thought maybe they won't mind me sharing it with you. It's trully a very special cake with a magic mix from Amanda and Merril! —Maria Teresa Jorge

What You'll Need
  • 4 cups love
  • 3 cups passion
  • 2 dedication
  • 3 cups hard work
  • 1 cup belief
  • 2 cups support from family
  • 1 bunch support from friends
  • tons of patience with members
  • 10 cups stamina
  • several handfuls laughter
  1. In a large bowl mix love and passion. Then add dedication, hard work and belief and incorporate well.
  2. Put the mixer on extra high and when the kitchen is completely covered with the mix, throw in the support from family and friends and beat like crazy.
  3. Now pour the mixture in a huge bowl, maybe you'll want to consider your bathtub at this point. Turn on that groovy dancing music and pour in all your patience with members, several handfuls of laughter and finally throw the stamina in and hit it like you mean it!
  4. Pour mixture in a mould, hold it in your arms with tenderness for almost 3 years and it's ready for recognition beyond belief.
  5. Congratulations Amanda and Merril - I'm far away but very proud of you two!
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28 Reviews

dymnyno May 22, 2012
Just discovered this wonderful recipe...perfect!
windysiprits May 14, 2012
This is wonderful! Congrats A&M for creating such a lovely community!
fiveandspice May 11, 2012
Awesome! Well done! And so true.
BoulderGalinTokyo May 11, 2012
What a sweet tribute! Perfection to food52, MTJ, you have really done it!
Maria T. May 11, 2012
Thank you so much, A&M deserve it!
LeBec F. May 10, 2012
as we say here, you are one" hot ticket", Maria Teresa !! what a great idea, and so true!
Maria T. May 11, 2012
Thank you Mindy!
jenniebgood May 10, 2012
What a great recipe! Congrats again A&M, F52 peeps, and all the F52 community.
Midge May 10, 2012
You nailed this recipe MTJ. So true!
Maria T. May 10, 2012
I hope it's also true for A&M.
Kukla May 10, 2012
Thank you Maria Teresa for being so smart and thoughtful; This is another very important award for Amanda and Merril and your Winner Recipe! Thanks from all of us!
Maria T. May 11, 2012
Kukla, A&M and all the food52 team no doubt deserve this award. But also so important, in my modest opinion, is the award and recognition each one of us in the community give food52 every day, by coming here, participating and respecting this site as a credible and knowledgeable publication. That's the reason I made this cake - little slice from all of us to all of you with a big hug!
drbabs May 10, 2012
How wonderful! Thank you for thinking of this!
Maria T. May 10, 2012
Thanks drbabs.
wssmom May 10, 2012
Very nice!
Maria T. May 10, 2012
Thank you.
creamtea May 10, 2012
This is so thoughtful of you, Maria! And so true. Winner!!
Maria T. May 10, 2012
Thank you creamtea. All the merrit goes for A&M, I just wanted to pay them a little tribute.
susan G. May 10, 2012
And smile, yes, and then sweet tears.
A winner, for sure!
Maria T. May 10, 2012
Yes, I can only imagine there were also tears among the way, but it was all worth it!
cookinginvictoria May 10, 2012
This brought such a smile to my face. What a beautiful tribute to A&M . . . I love it!
Maria T. May 10, 2012
I thought A & M desrved it!
ChefJune May 10, 2012
And you were SO right!
Devangi R. May 10, 2012
hahhaa...and I read the full method hahhaa..nice one...the picture of your recipe is so yummy...hahaha..
Maria T. May 10, 2012
Well it's a full proof method!
inpatskitchen May 10, 2012
How lovely!!
Maria T. May 10, 2012
Maria T. May 10, 2012
Thank you!