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Avocado Lassi

June 14, 2012
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  • Makes 2 tall glasses
Author Notes

Lassi as you all know is a famous drink made from yogurt and fruits, the mango lassi is the most famous one. But, sometimes we make Avocado Lassi also. Although, avocados are not available in India. In my city, there is a lassi shop, whose dry fruit lassi is so famous. So, this lassi is adapted from his dry fruit lassi which is full of dry fruits. Hope you like it. —Devangi Raval

Test Kitchen Notes

PistachioDoughnut’s Avocado Lassi is my new go-to weekday breakfast. Creamy and sweet, it is also healthful, although disguised as an indulgence (I love it when that happens). As a bonus, it could not be simpler – just add and blend. I have made it quite a few times now and found that with my regular blender, soaking the nuts overnight helps to combine the ingredients more easily as well as adding a touch more milk (or water) if it gets too thick. I also prefer starting out with half of the amount of nuts, pureeing to combine and adding more to taste. Halving the recipe is perfect for one! —gingerroot

What You'll Need
  • 1 Avocado
  • 1 cup Plain Yogurt
  • 3 tablespoons Honey
  • 1 teaspoon Lime Juice
  • 1 cup Milk (more or less, depending on your preference for the consistency)
  • 3 tablespoons Dry fruits or nuts of your choice. Almonds, cashews, pistachios and sultanas are all great. Soaking the nuts overnight is optional.
  • Pinch Salt
  1. Take everything except the dry fruits and nuts in a blender and blend it until smooth like a smoothie. Once it is blended then add the dry fruits also and pulse it once more till the nuts are coarsely mixed with the smoothie.
  2. Once ready , adjust the sweetness according to your personal taste. The dry fruits wil give it a texture, but if you are allergic to any form of nuts then do not use them.
  3. Serve it in a glass, garnish it with some cherries.

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13 Reviews

crowflies January 14, 2015
I LOVE lassi's and have added this to my liquidity recipe stash! A tip for a smoother smoothie every time...If you're making a smoothie that includes solids such as dried fruits, nuts, or greens, I've found that if you blend the solids and liquids (water, milk, juice) together first you'll end up with a much smoother texture in the end.
QueenSashy March 22, 2014
totally my cup of lassi!
Katie January 18, 2014
What a great breakfast alternative! Thank you for sharing your delicious (and easy!) recipe with us; I'll be making it often.
Rajika B. April 30, 2013
this was delicious! I used agave syrup and instead of nuts, I used something we use to flavour milk - the brand is everest milk masala, a combination of nuts, dried fruit etc. dessicated until u add it to milk/liquid. It gives this recipe a lovely flavour, without being too chunky. thanks much!
Devangi R. July 10, 2013
Happy to hear that you could use everest milk masala and enjoy the lassi.
Yessica February 21, 2013
Oh My!!This was SO delicious and satisfying!! It was my breakfast today. I had to make some adjustments because I didn’t have all the ingredients at hand and I didn’t do too bad, considering I have never used a juicer before(Nutri Bullet). Avocado, almonds, agave, lemon juice, oats, whole milk, ½ frozen banana (didn’t have yogurt but wanted creamy). Tomorrow I will do this recipe as it is written…I am sure it will be equally delicious.
Devangi R. July 10, 2013
Glad that you liked the lassi. Your adjustments also sound delicious.
Johnny R. July 13, 2012
Your comment about soaking the nuts overnight sounds intriguing...can you provide any more information about how to soak them?
Devangi R. July 15, 2012
Johnny Ringo , you can soak them in the milk which is one the ingredients of lassi or may be some water and then when you are ready to make it , you can remove the water from the nuts. if planning on soaking them in milk, please use everything the milk and the nuts.
I usually have nuts coarsely crushed so I do not necessarily soak the nuts everytime.
Hope this clarifies your doubts.
gastronomic N. July 8, 2012
This looks amazing! Think it will work as dessert for my dinner tomorrow night.
Devangi R. July 15, 2012
Thanks Gastronomic Nomad! Hope it turned out well.
Devangi R. July 8, 2012
Thanks a lotarielleclementine! Sending lots of lassi love to Henry...Congrats for your recipe...in the finalist...
arielleclementine July 5, 2012
congratulations on the CP, PistachioDoughnut! this is such a fun recipe- i can't wait to make it, and i know my son will love it too!