Avocado Chocolate Mousse

June 17, 2012
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Photo by James Ransom
  • Serves 2 to 4
Author Notes

This is a decadent, delicious egg and dairy-free dessert that will satisfy even the most discerning chocoholics. If you don't tell, they'll never know it's avocado-based. —zora

Test Kitchen Notes

Chocolate lovers of all stripes will appreciate this rich, easy to prepare confection. Avocados provide the creamy smoothness of traditional chocolate mousse. Part of the beauty of this recipe lies in its versatility. The dessert can be lightened up by eliminating the coconut milk, or made even quicker by substituting raw cacao powder for the bittersweet chocolate. For a colorful touch top with fresh berries or chopped pistachios sprinkled with sea salt or a smidgen of cinnamon. —Ellen M.

What You'll Need
  • 1 ripe Hass avocado
  • 4 ounces bittersweet chocolate
  • 1/4 cup thick coconut milk (from the top of the can)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3 tablespoons agave syrup
  • 1 pinch sea salt
  1. in a heatproof bowl, melt the chocolate in the coconut milk over hot water, or in the microwave. Stir until smooth, cool slightly.
  2. Put remaining ingredients in a food processor bowl, and add cooled chocolate mixture. Blend until completely smooth.
  3. Spoon into dessert cups. Serve well-chilled, with a dollop of coconut cream, if desired.

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66 Reviews

Linda D. March 4, 2022
I made this having low expectations, as I have tried similar recipes in the past. However, this one resulted in a fabulously smooth, creamy, chocolate-y bowl of bliss. I took the advice to puree the avocado first, and then add the subsequent ingredients, and ended up with this excellent dessert! I mixed in some grated orange peel to half of it, because I'm fancy like that. Five stars, and many thanks, Zora, from a fan on a dairy-free, egg-free, food regimen.
Whitney April 17, 2018
I used to make a silken tofu chocolate mousse that I thought was good, but this is better. I used a fresh coconut milk that was more milky than hard, and I added a dash of cardamom. It turned out beautiful.
Whitney April 17, 2018
Oh, and only 1 Tbl of honey instead of 3 of agave.
Anthony B. February 7, 2015
Just made this--used unsweetened chocolate 3 oz with 3 tablespoons brown sugar (to make it equivalent to about 4 oz bittersweet), wow terrific. But couldn't resist adding a little cognac...a nice finishing touch!
claudemm May 10, 2015
amanda July 20, 2014
How is this dairy free if you're using 4 ounces of bittersweet chocolate?
zora July 20, 2014
Bittersweet chocolate has no milk solids in it. At least 65%--I prefer 70%-- means it is just chocolate solids, cocoa fat and sugar.
Jay D. March 31, 2014
Mine came out very good. It was a lot thicker than what you see in the picture, perhaps I needed more coconut milk? The only complaint I have is that even though I processed the mixture in the Cuisinart more than one would think is necessary, there were visible several slivers and pea size pieces of avocado. While serving I would spoon those into my dish or mouth so no one would see the green.
zora March 31, 2014
It's impossible to predict exactly how big any given avocado will be, so adding a bit more or a bit less liquid is up to the judgement of the cook. The avocado may have been slightly under-ripe, which might account for the uneven puree-ing. I have a very powerful blender that I use, and lack of ripeness wouldn't be an issue in my machine. But if you have concerns, you might puree the avocado before adding the chocolate, stopping and scraping down the sides of the processor bowl to make sure the entire amount is in contact with the blade.
Jacki D. March 27, 2014
Can you substitute normal 2% milk for the coconut milk?
zora March 27, 2014
There's a "genius" recipe on this site that has you making chocolate mousse by whipping chocolate in hot water, so theoretically I suppose you could use 2% milk in that recipe, but I cannot recommend using it in mine, since I really can't predict how it would affect the ultimate texture--I call for the use of the thickest, creamy part of the canned coconut milk. If you can't eat or don't like coconut milk, I suppose you could sub heavy cream.
zora March 14, 2014
I just re-read the recipe and noticed that I said to serve it well-chilled. But I still think that an hour is probably enough.
zora March 14, 2014
It doesn't have to be ice cold-- in fact, the flavor of the chocolate is more intense if it isn't. Maybe an hour? No need to overthink this.
Jay D. March 14, 2014
Thanks for the fast response. Roughly, how long should I plan to have the mousse in the fridge to cool down before serving?
Jay D. March 13, 2014
How long can the finished product sit in the fridge? Will it be any different if made a day ahead? Also, does it matter which type of Agave to use? I have both Amber and Light.
zora March 13, 2014
I think it'll be fine for a cople of days. If you want to, you can put plastic wrap directly contacting the mousse to prevent the surface from hardening. Either amber or light agave will work.
KK August 13, 2013
Ugh. I was so looking forward to this. I can't even finish a spoonful! Horrible flavor, I will forever be haunted by how gross the taste of chocolatey avocados is! I followed the recipe exactly, just substituting maple syrup for the agave. Can't imagine that was the dealbreaker - I think this recipe was just NOT for me! Woof.
zora August 13, 2013
Well, I guess someone had to not like it. But aside from the fact that you did not actually follow the recipe exactly (and I don't personally care for the chocolate and maple combo), I have to wonder what kind of chocolate you used, and what kind of avocado, because the flavor of a typical ripe Hass avocado is so delicate, it should be completely overwhelmed by the chocolate--it really just becomes creamy texture in the dish. And I always use Valrhona 72%. But chaçon a son gout.
Don R. August 13, 2013
@zindc, I see you subscribe to these comments, too. :-)

@Kelly, I think the maple syrup may indeed be the deal-breaker. If you think about it, both chocolate and avocado are sort-of tree nuts (I really haven't given this much thought, but they seem somehow "related" to each other). I don't like maple either with chocolate or with avocado (and I L-O-V-E real maple syrup). Maybe un-woof it for another attempt?
Don R. August 13, 2013
Thinking about this some more, "chocolatey avocados" is *exactly* the flavor profile of this dish, so maybe re-woof it. :-)
Don R. August 13, 2013
(Sorry, I'm used to editing comments; not having to add a new one for each thought.) Yes, now that I read zindc's comment ... in the rendition I had, the avocado was overwhelmed by the chocolate - it had the texture of avocado; the taste of chocolate. So saying "chocolatey avocados" is the exact *flavor* profile isn't quite right.
mensaque August 14, 2013
Did you have avocados as dessert before?In Brazil,we don't usually use it for savory dishes and first time I made guacamole I freaked a bit...now I love it!My question remains,though:would honey work?
mensaque August 14, 2013
I just read your answer for the "honey dilema",zindc.Thanks!
Jennifer S. September 17, 2013
I have made it with honey before and powdered organic cocoa... it is delicious! Let it sit for a few hours in the refrigerator to let the flavors meld... delicious!
Chloe8 June 26, 2013
I was actually searching for avocado dish for dinner tonight but I've made up my mind going for dessert instead. Can't wait to make them. Thank you!
zora June 14, 2013
Honey would work as a sweetener, but obviously then it would not be vegan. Other options would be dark corn syrup or golden syrup.
mensaque June 14, 2013
Agave syrup is not that easy to find in Brazil,so what can I use instead?Would honey work?
Marianne L. June 6, 2013
do you use sweetened cream of coconut milk?
zora June 6, 2013
Cream of coconut is sweetened and is used to make piña coladas and other cocktails. It is not the same as coconut milk. Get regular coconut milk, and do not shake the can before opening. The thick cream that has risen to the top of the can is what you use.
arielleclementine May 23, 2013
Thanks so much for a wonderful recipe! My sister in law is gluten and dairy free and I'm always looking for fun stuff to make for her. Used this recipe to make mini chocolate cream pies (gluten free Oreo on the bottom, your mousse, topped with whipped coconut cream. Everyone loved them!
zora May 24, 2013
Great idea! Ive been thinking that it would also make fabulous filling for macarons or dacquoise (meringue/mousse cake).
Suneeta April 16, 2013
I have always been looking for simple and health-conscious desserts. This one is so going to be my favourite. Thanks.
jasonnewyork212 March 2, 2013
This is similar to the recipe that Cheryl Crowe shared in her cookbook. I make it all the time. You use cocoa instead of melted chocolate. Probably slightly healthier too. It's on the splendid table website if you want to compare. I'm going to make this version today. Excited to try a new version. I also always add chopped nuts to it - almonds, pecans, whatever we have around.
jasonnewyork212 March 3, 2013
I made it last night. It was exceptional! I followed the recipe exactly - worked perfectly. Smooth, rich. Nice recipe.
zora March 3, 2013
I never knew about Cheryl Crowe's recipe or cookbook. I can't claim that the idea of an avocado-based mousse was mine alone, but the recipe is original. I'm glad it worked for you.
jasonnewyork212 March 3, 2013
Yours is better. :) It was my first time to use real coconut milk. Wow. Thank you for introducing me to it.
Lucille C. March 26, 2013
Do you use the same amount of cocoa has you would use melted chocolate or what is the ratio?
zora March 26, 2013
I've never made it with cocoa, but as Jason reports, there's a recipe using cocoa on The Splendid Table website.
Patricia S. February 9, 2013
Follow up to the substitutions I made with carob and heavy cream, no one who ate this last night had any clue that it was anything but a delicious chocolate mousse. No one could believe it when I told them it had avocado and carob as the main ingredients! When it chilled it had the nicest consistency and I served it with thinly sliced strawberries. Huge hit! That being said, I am going to make it with the chocolate the next time to see how that tastes in comparison.
Patricia S. February 8, 2013
I made the mousse without coconut milk, subbed heavy cream and used a whole pint, and carob instead of chocolate. I followed the directions on the carob 3 tablespoons with one tablespoon of water per ounce of chocolate. I also doubled the recipe. It turned out great!! So good!!! This will definitely work for us!!