Blueberry Basil Infused Vodka

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Author Notes: Made with simmered blueberries and leafy basil, this infusion captures the essence of summer. Fresh, light and wonderfully fragrant. The blueberries provide a familiar base note to the vodka while the basil lends complexity in flavor and aroma.Kitchen Konfidence

Makes: 1 liter


  • 3 cups organic blueberries
  • 1 liter good quality vodka
  • 5 leafy basil sprigs
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  1. Give blueberries a good rinse, then add to a large pot (no need to dry them). Warm blueberries over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Cook blueberries until they release a decent amount of liquid. You can eyeball this step. I stopped cooking the blueberries once more liquid was visible than solid berries. Cooking the berries this way speeds up infusing times. Remove from heat and let cool to room temperature.
  2. Add blueberries with juices to a large, airtight jar. Pour in vodka. Seal the jar and store in a cool, dark spot.
  3. Each day, give the jar a little shake, then taste the vodka. As the days go on, you’ll notice that the blueberry flavor will get stronger. I was pleased with the flavor after 6 days of infusing; however, this can vary based on taste. Once you are satisfied with the blueberry flavor, stir in the basil leaves.
  4. Seal the jar once again and store in a cool, dark spot. After 24 hours, pour the mixture through a fine-mesh basket strainer into a clean bowl or jar. Discard the solids.
  5. The more solid matter that you strain from the vodka, the longer the alcohol will last. I find that I use up my infusions several weeks after making them, so I’m fine with a single strain. If you are planning on keeping this infusion for an extended period of time, line the strainer with several layers of cheesecloth, and strain again.

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2 Reviews

Stephanie F. August 3, 2014
Hi there! I am in the process of infusing - this recipe sounds delicious, so thanks for sharing. Just curious - how long with the vodka last after the infusion process is complete? Thanks in advance!
Dee August 12, 2014
I do a fair bit of fruit infusions and generally mine keep for about 6-12 months. Provided that you used a spirit with a high proof (most vodka is 80 proof, which I've found to be ideal), storage shouldn't be an issue. This recipe does use a larger amount of fruit than what I typically use but as long as you store it in your freezer you'll be golden.