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Sparkling Limoncello Punch with Rosemary

December  7, 2009
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  • Serves 6 or more
Author Notes

I love limoncello, especially home made, especially mine which I make with Buddah's Hand, I love it even more with a bit of bubble... Sadly my Buddah's hand batch is long gone and we've started using store bought limoncello until I get it together to make some more. I've made this as individual cocktails but it works beautifully as a punch, reminding me just ever so slightly of the Sherbert Punch of long ago. I've given the recipe in ratios, so it can be easily expanded. You can lessen the alcohol by subbing half the prosecco with gingerale and doing away with the vodka —Aliwaks

What You'll Need
  • Punch
  • 1 part Limoncello (best you can get your hands on)
  • 1 par Citrus vodka, best you can afford, sublime with Hanger One Buddah's Hand Citron
  • rosemary simple syrup to taste
  • 1 part Meyer lemon sorbet (whole foods brand, or best lemon sorbet you can find)
  • thin lemon slices
  • rosemary branches
  • whole cranberries
  • 2 parts prosecco
  • Rosemary Simple Syrup
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 3 branches fresh wonderful rosemary
  1. Punch
  2. Add Limoncello & vodka to bowl, add simple syrup to taste, (can be done ahead of time) add prosecco, stir gently, taste adjust sweetness, stir gently.
  3. Add small scoops of not stir.
  4. Garnish with lemon slices threaded on rosemary branches anchored with whole cranberries.. If serving pitcher & individual glasses, you can sugar the rims of the glasses and pre set 1 rosemary/lemon sprig in each.
  1. Rosemary Simple Syrup
  2. Boil water sugar rosemary till reduced by half, let rosemary sit at least 2 hours or up to 24, strain, save in airtight container.
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15 Reviews

Jan June 15, 2015
Hi, I know this recipe for Sparklung Lumoncello Punch posted years ago, but can you help me with portions? You said it serves 6 but only say 'parts' of ingredients, not how much. If it's for 6, would it be 6 shots Limonchei, 12 shots prosecco, etc?? How much sorbet? We want to make it for our gourmet lunch group. Thanks! Jan
Aliwaks June 15, 2015
I think of it as a ratio 1:1:1:2

So depending on the size of your punch bowl or cups if you are using 1 bottle of prosecco - use 1 cup limoncello- 1 cup vodka - 1 pint sorbet (more is not a bad thing) and simple syrup to taste-
Aliwaks February 15, 2010
Aa, Yay! Love hearing that my recipes actually work. Try adding a drop to sparkling wine next time you have some...really yum. Also makes potent and yummy Buddahcello martini, drop of buddahcello + vodka+ splash simple syrup & squeeze of lemon..probably can only have one, but would be fun pre-oscar cocktail!!
aargersi February 15, 2010
I will try those for sure ... thanks again! They have more buddah hands at the market ... I should probably get more while the gettin's good!!!
Aliwaks December 19, 2009
Dymnyno...that is awesome...I am now totally in love with the idea of food52 swap!!! The Buddah's hand is all about the scent from the essential oils, which is magical and there is no tartness to it since there is no pulp, juice at all. I know some people add lemon juice to their limoncello, and with the Meyer I probably will add some juice to the simple syrup at the end, but you can't do that with buddah's hand because there is none. I think of it like Buddah's hand is to Meyer lemon like Kumquat is to Tangerine...does that make sense? I am so jealous that buddah's hand is readily available there, first time I saw them was at this wonderful stand at the Marin Farmers market (one of my favorite places ever!!!!!!)
aargersi February 15, 2010
Hey I have been meaning to tell you that my Buddah hand limoncello that I made according to your direction is awesome! It's 100 proof so I can have about a sip and a half at a time but it's a delightful sip and a half. Maybe when it warms up and I can sit by the pool I can increase my intake a LITTLE :-) Especially if it's in punch form!
dymnyno December 18, 2009
It's a deal! I am going to make my next batch with buddah's hand...will be interesting to taste the difference. Is it stronger than Meyer.?
Aliwaks December 18, 2009
Dymnyno...GLADLY!!! I have a batch of Meyer Limoncello brewing..we could swap!
dymnyno December 16, 2009
I love this should try it with my lemoncella!
Oui, C. December 11, 2009
This sounds really interesting, especially the rosemary syrup. I'm going to have to give it a go.
lastnightsdinner December 11, 2009
My husband makes limoncello, and this sounds like a great way to use it - I love your addition of the rosemary simple syrup.
Aliwaks December 8, 2009
yes! that is a buddahs hand, its wonderful!! It is the oldest know citrus fruit, like a dinosaur lemon. My limoncello recipe is pretty free form: Wash the buddah's hand well, Zest (you need at least 2 cups zest, you can augment with lemon or tangerine zest,) , mix the zest with 750 ml grain alcohol or 100 proof vodka, pour into clean sterile container with a cap (you can use the same bottle) Stash away in a cool, dark, lonely place for at least 3 weeks up to a month.. .strain, add a cup of simple syrup ( you can make a lemon simple syrup or if you have more buddah's hand use that, I have a hard time getting the zest from the fingers so usually I candy them and save the syrup, in the freezer, to mix in at the end.) I use the candied buddah hand bits in cookies or I just eat them during the month I am waiting for the "buddahcello" to ripen.
aargersi December 9, 2009
YUM! OK I am making this STAT - just need to go buy those crazy hands! THANK YOU for sharing!!!!
aargersi December 8, 2009
Is Buddah's Hand that crazy looking branched citrus thing I just saw at the store? I had no idea what it was ... would you share your limoncello recipe too?
Aliwaks December 8, 2009
You should use it to make a citrus salt! that would be AMAZING on roasted striped bass.