Pozole De-Arbol

March 11, 2013

Author Notes:

Festive Mexican Pork Stew. Earthy, easy, cheap, with a textured broth and a chili bite.


Serves: 25-30 about $1 each


  • 7 cups cooked pozole, nixtamal or hominy.
  • 2 pork cushions
  • 3 pork trotters
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  1. Cook the pork. Cover meats with water about 8 quarts. Add 1/4 cup salt and one large head of garlic cut through the equator, no need to peel. Bring to a boil, reduce to simmer. Skim off foam and simmer, covered for about 3 hours, until tender. Check from time to time, you may need more water. Cool slightly, then remove the meat. When ready to handle pull meat off bones, discard all bones, fat and skin. You can scoop out the onions and add to the pulled meat along with the garlic head. Squeeze out the pulp from the head of garlic and smash it with a fork, add it to the meat along with the onions, discard the paper skin from the garlic.
  2. Refrigerate the broth. At serving time scoop off the fat from the broth (it will be very gelatinous ) add 1/4 cup ground chili d arbor to broth along with the corn. Bring to a boil then simmer. Taste for salt.

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DeBo255 March 11, 2013
There are two versions of this recipe...one is incomplete, computer error. But human error is mine I forgot to add shredded raw cabbage to the garnish list, it's in the pix though, my first time...I've been watching for quite some time, excited to enter again. Thanks for all your recipes. See "newest recipes" for the complete recipe. DeBo255