Crimson Bulleit Punch

December 11, 2009

Test Kitchen-Approved

Author Notes:

This elixir has everything I look for in a holiday punch, a delicious ruby red color, the effervescence of champagne, a hint of ginger spice, and enough sweetness (but not too much) to coax this rather potent punch down with ease.

I’ve written the recipe in “parts” equivalents, so that you can easily make it by the punch bowl, or cocktail shaker quantities. If served in a punch bowl, I’d recommend making an ice ring to keep it chilled, in which you could freeze fresh cranberries and pomegranate arils.


Oui, Chef

Food52 Review: We first made this punch exactly as written, shaking it all together in a cocktail mixer. It was a fine thing, heavy on the bourbon straight from the nose to the finish, boozy and big. - JennyJestei

Serves: 1 to 100
Prep time: 10 min


  • 2 parts Bulleit bourbon
  • 2 parts cranberry pomegranate juice
  • 1/2 part Domaine de Canton ginger liquer
  • 2 parts Champagne
  • Lime slices
  • Ice ring (if making for a punch bowl), or shaken with ice for individual servings
In This Recipe


  1. Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl, adding the Champagne just before party time to better maintain its sparkle. Ladle chilled punch into glasses, garnish with a slice of lime and start singing with Burl.

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15 Reviews

Molly November 29, 2018
This was so strong after making half a batch that we made the second half without bourbon. But once we did that, it was a huge hit! A great addition at Thanksgiving.
meme S. December 31, 2017
<br /><br />*****MINOUCHKA<br /><br />As mentioned below I did make it for various holidays & various party and used cake bundt pans to make a big ice accordingly, and turned out absolutely great and SO GOOD!!! Thanks FOOD52 for publishing this recipe. <br /><br /><br />4 years agoIleana Morales Valentine<br />For similar recipes,I've seen people use cake bundt pans to make a big ice ring.
Tricia M. November 28, 2015
planning for a party of 50-75 adults- could you give me exact'ish measurements to make a pretty large batch of this cocktail?? And what type of champagne was used? Greatly appreciated.
Elizabeth December 26, 2013
Looks delicious! I'm particularly struck by the ice circle. A quick google search yielded no results... is it a specialty ice tray?
Ileana M. December 31, 2013
For similar recipes,I've seen people use cake bundt pans to make a big ice ring.
littlesister January 1, 2013
Made this for a friend's NYE party last night and it was gone in less than an hour. I received a lot of compliments and comments about how non-punchy it was, which I took to be a good thing. The best part is, I now have a bottle of Domaine de Canton!
eatboutique January 15, 2010
Need to get my hands on a vat of this, stat! Thanks. :)
Helen December 16, 2009
That's it -- I'm serving this at my holiday party on Friday. Brilliant.
Author Comment
Oui, C. December 17, 2009
Helen - Excellent! I really hope you like the punch....I can hear you singing already. - S
AntoniaJames December 13, 2009
I like (and I suppose it's rather telling) that you depict the drink in an Old-Fashioned glass. Is that customary for a holiday punch made with bourbon?
Author Comment
Oui, C. December 13, 2009
If only I were that thoughtful. This IS the glass I use when I drink Bulleit neat, but I used it here because I thought the faceted sides would make for a nice photograph. That said, it does feel like the appropriate size and shape for this punch.
TasteFood December 11, 2009
I like the sound of this and the fact it's not too sweet. Bourbon and champagne? Sounds like a taxi night to me.
Author Comment
Oui, C. December 13, 2009
You've got good instincts here....perhaps "arrange for a designated driver" should have been the final line of instruction for my recipe. ;-)
lastnightsdinner December 11, 2009
This sounds delicious and looks beautiful - another great contribution!
Author Comment
Oui, C. December 13, 2009
Thanks! I must say, recipe development was never so much FUN.