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Mascarpone Whipped Frosting

October 14, 2013
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  • Prep time 10 minutes
  • Makes enough icing for a 9 or 10 inch round layer cake
Author Notes

Whipped cream topped cakes are THE best in my book but the whipping cream doesn't always stand up to the task. Adding mascarpone cheese stabilizes the whipping cream and makes for a wonderful icing! And it's quick and easy!! —inpatskitchen

What You'll Need
  • 8 ounces mascarpone cheese
  • 1/2 cup confectioners sugar
  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • 1/2 teaspoon almond extract or 1 tablespoon vanilla extract depending on what flavor you'd like
  1. Place the mascarpone in a medium mixing bowl and with an electric wire whip or hand mixer start beating. While beating, add the vanilla or almond extract followed by the confectioners sugar.
  2. Slowly add the whipping cream while still beating or whisking until the icing becomes light and fluffy.

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    Nadine Pierre-Louis
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    Janice Crissman

Recipe by: inpatskitchen

I think I get my love for food and cooking from my mom, who was an amazing cook. She would start baking and freezing a month before Christmas in order to host our huge open house on Christmas afternoon. I watched and I this day I try not to procrastinate when it comes to entertaining. My cooking style is pretty much all over the place, although I'm definitely partial to Greek and Italian cuisine. Oh yes, throw a little Cajun in there too!

21 Reviews

Nadine P. August 11, 2019
loved this frosting !! it’s creamy and easy to make and not overly sweet.
thank you for such a reliable recipe.
inpatskitchen August 12, 2019
Thanks for trying it Nadine! I'm glad you like it.....
Kerry G. August 12, 2017
Love it. I will reduce sugar next time... by half or more. Might add a scoop of Greek yogurt for tang.
inpatskitchen August 12, 2017
Thanks Kerry! Love the idea of adding yogurt!
Geeta November 8, 2014
Excellent recipe. I can control the sweetness and make it ahead of time.
inpatskitchen November 8, 2014
Thanks Geeta! so happy you enjoyed!
Adriana February 18, 2014
This sounds absolutely delicious! I've read about using mascarpone to stabilize whipped cream, but never in equal ratios. Does it give it more of a tangy "cheesy" taste? Do you think this frosting is sturdy enough for a layered cake (about 5 layers)?
inpatskitchen February 19, 2014
It's pretty sturdy but not being much of a baker, I really can't tell you much about a 5 layer cake. I don't think there's much of a cheesy taste since mascarpone is so mild. Thanks so much for your interest!
Becky February 7, 2014
Does it require refrigeration??
inpatskitchen February 7, 2014
Yes, I think it does require refrigeration.
Becky February 7, 2014
Non perishable - one that a cottage baker (home baker) can use and sell.
Becky February 7, 2014
Is this icing NPH??
inpatskitchen February 7, 2014
Hi Becky! Welcome to Food52! What do you mean by NPH?
Waverly October 23, 2013
Saving....thank you, Pat!
inpatskitchen October 24, 2013
Thank YOU Waverly!!
Soozll October 19, 2013
I'm so glad I found this. I've used Mascarpone Cheese to stabilize whipped cream to use as a dessert garnish. It doesn't have the tang that cream cheese has so it doesn't really add any cheesey flavor. I've often wondered if a 50/50 mix of cream and mascarpone would whip up to be a good frosting. Thanks for this!
inpatskitchen October 19, 2013
Thank YOU Soozll! I sure hope you enjoy this!
em-i-lis October 16, 2013
SO glad you entered this! IT IS AMAZING!!!!
inpatskitchen October 16, 2013
Thanks so much Emily! I've been thinking about how versatile this is....maybe adding coffee, chocolate or something a little boozy? And this is probably the easiest frosting I've ever made!
Janice C. January 6, 2018
I make cream cheese icing(recipe by carmijok) cake make mascarpone icing, fold together and add toasted chopped pecans. Frost my 3 layer carrot cakes with it! I make 5-6 at Christmas! DELICIOUS!!
inpatskitchen January 6, 2018