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Pomegranate, Toasted Quinoa, and White Chocolate Bark

December  8, 2013
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  • Prep time 1 hour
  • Cook time 10 minutes
  • Serves 1 to 30
Author Notes

To toast quinoa seeds, place them in a skillet over medium heat, shaking the pan occasionally. When they turn golden brown and start popping a bit, they’re done. The quinoa gives the bark a nice crunch. My white chocolate was a little hard to drizzle at the end, but I just shook my spoon over the chilled layer and it turned out well. —sarah kieffer | the vanilla bean blog

What You'll Need
  • 20 ounces high-quality white chocolate
  • 1 tablespoon
    1 teaspoon toasted quinoa (see note)

  • 6 tablespoons heavy cream
  • 3/4 cup pomegranate seeds (or more, if desired)
  1. On a piece of parchment paper, measure out a 9 x 12 inch rectangle. Turn the paper over (so you won’t get ink/pencil on your bark), and place on a sheet pan.
  2. Place 8 ounces of the white chocolate in a heatproof bowl, and set it over a saucepan of barely simmering water (remember not to let the bottom of the bowl to touch the water). Stir the chocolate every once in awhile, until it is melted and very smooth (about 110° F). Remove from the heat, and pour the chocolate onto the prepared rectangle. Using a cake spatula or a knife, spread the chocolate to fill the rectangle. Sprinkle with 1 tablespoon of the quinoa.
  3. Meanwhile, (using the same bowl), combine 8 ounces white chocolate and heavy cream. Warm over the barely simmering water again, stirring occasionally, until the mixture is smooth. Cool the chocolate until lukewarm, about 5 minutes (stirring every once in awhile). Pour the white chocolate-cream mixture over the first chocolate rectangle, and spread in an even layer. Sprinkle with the pomegranates seeds, and then chill until very cold and firm, about 40 minutes.
  4. In a clean bowl, warm the last 4 ounces of white chocolate over barely simmering water until melted and smooth (about 110° F). Using a spoon, drizzle the melted white chocolate over the chilled rectangle, and then sprinkle with the remaining teaspoon of quinoa. Chill just until firm, about 20 minutes.
  5. Move the parchment to a cutting board. Trim away any ragged edges of the rectangle, and then cut the bark crosswise into 2-inch-wide strips. Cut each strip crosswise into 3 sections, and then cut each section diagonally into 2 triangles (or leave as squares).
  6. Put the bark in an airtight container, with parchment paper between layers of bark to prevent them from sticking to one another. Store the white chocolate bark in the refrigerator. Let stand at room temperature for 10 minutes before serving. The bark should last about 2 weeks.

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7 Reviews

Catherine September 29, 2016
Hello, like the woman below wondered, are you referring to fresh or dried pomegranate seeds?
Also curious if this can be frozen to keep longer. Tia :)
Nancy December 2, 2015
Pomegranate seeds... you mean the juicy arils? Or some kinda dried ones?
Nickie December 22, 2013
Hi, this looks amazing! I want to make it for my Mum but she only likes dark chocolate. Do you think the flavours would still work? I don't actually eat chocolate so I need to ask...
sarah K. December 22, 2013
Hi Nickie! I've seen a lot of recipes with dark chocolate and pomegranate, so I think it should work rather well. Let me know if you try it!
Nickie December 23, 2013
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I'll try it tonight and let you know how I get on. Very excited!!
Nickie December 23, 2013
It worked beautifully, she is going to love it! Thank you!
sarah K. December 23, 2013
I'm so glad! :)