Salmon Rice Bowl

December 23, 2013

Author Notes:

An easy, clean dish which is super easy to make and an easy take on teriyaki-esque taste!

Millie | Add A Little

Serves: 1


The Bowl

  • Rice
  • Nori sheets
  • Steamed mangetout
  • 1 Salmon fillet
  • 1 tablespoon Sunflower oil, for cooking

Salmon marinade

  • 3 parts Soy sauce
  • 2 parts Sake
  • dashes Honey
  • dashes Toasted sesame oil
In This Recipe


  1. Make your marinade and adjust to taste. Cut the salmon into bitesize pieces and marinade it for at least and hour.
  2. Put sunflower, or any flavourless, oil into a pan and when not, drop the salmon in and reserve excess marinade on the side.
  3. Once salmon is cooked, pour over the rest of the marinade until all salmon is coated.
  4. Put freshly steamed rice in a bowl, topped with nori, mangetout and salmon.

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