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Green Rice Casserole

April 24, 2014
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Photo by Eric Moran
  • Prep time 20 minutes
  • Cook time 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Serves 8 to 10
Author Notes

This is a recipe from my friend Perry, who grew up in Alabama and learned it from her grandmother. Its name is misleading, as dairy plays a bigger role than greens here, but the almost-charred spring onions and the flecks of herbs make this a little more exciting -- and more refined -- than a straight-up congolmeration of eggs, milk, cheese, and rice. As Perry says, it is delicious the next day, cold, for breakfast. Cold bites snuck out of the pan will also serve as a nice, furtive midnight snack.

These measurements don't have to be exact -- just add extra milk as needed, and cook until it's done. —Marian Bull

What You'll Need
  • 2 ounces butter, plus more for greasing the pan
  • 3 bunches scallions, sliced into rings, green parts reserved
  • 2 cups cooked white rice (or more, if you have it)
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1 cup milk, plus more as needed
  • 2 cups grated sharp cheese, like cheddar
  • 1 cup chopped parsley, tightly packed (or mustard greens, etc.)
  • 1 pinch salt and pepper, plus more to taste
  1. In a wide pan, heat half a stick of butter over medium heat. Add the white and light green onion slices to the pan and cook until they are golden and just begin to crisp up—you want a little bit of that burnt onion taste, but you still want some soft bits. Salt lightly, to taste.
  2. Remove from heat, let cool slightly, and add the cooked rice, stirring to combine and coat the rice with butter and oniony bits. Stir in the eggs, plus enough milk to form a thick batter.
  3. Add the cheese and parsley, plus a handful of the green onion parts, minced. Adjust the milk if necessary—it should be between gloppy and runny. Add salt and pepper, "remembering that the cheese is salty, but salty is good," says Perry.
  4. Pour into a buttered ("ha ha as if it needed it") pie pan. The liquid should fill up to the level of the rice, so add more if it looks like it will burn or dry out while baking. Bake at 350° F until set, about 45 to 60 minutes. Slice it like a pie. Save leftovers for breakfast the next day.

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Marian Bull

Recipe by: Marian Bull


33 Reviews

sharskee April 24, 2020
Very flexible recipe to adapt with ingredients on hand. Have added broccoli and it's delicious. Have made it with red or white onions when I didn't have enough green onions on hand. Have used some other cheeses when I didn't have enough sharp cheddar. Go crazy!
robin L. April 24, 2020
What did you serve it with? I've had this recipe saved for years and haven't made it yet! Maybe this weekend...
sharskee April 24, 2020
For breakfast or lunch it's good on its own... especially if you add broccoli or asparagus. You could serve it with a vinaigrette salad for lunch. I don't eat meat but simple is probably best... like roasted chicken.
FS May 8, 2017
Oh wow, just reading this made my mouth water! Have to try it ASAP!
Lisa November 4, 2016
Loved idea, just wonder if it can be made without cheese- what would be a good substitute so it won't fall apart without cheese?
Natalie G. March 25, 2020
I know I am suuuper late, but yeast flakes might work, although I am very unsure about the right amount
Barbara July 16, 2016
Seriously delish! With roasted tomatoes on top this time around!
Carolina May 19, 2015
I am trying this right now and very excited for the results. Any thoughts on making ahead and freezing uncooked?
Kelley B. March 30, 2015
this might be a silly question, but does this come out very egg-y? my husband isn't a fan of eggs, but I still would love to make this dish if it's not too quiche-like.
Dina M. March 7, 2015
This recipe is genius! I made it as written, and it was delicious. I can imagine lots of other green combinations in the coming months!
mrslarkin January 4, 2015
I love this dish. Goes with everything. It's definitely a keeper. Thanks, Marian!
Marian B. January 4, 2015
Hooray! xo
Regine September 27, 2014
Love this recipe. I only use 1 cup milk and 2 eggs.
Helen July 29, 2014
i used brown rice. using a rice-base for the custard is a good way to make gluten free "quiche" too. i can imagine all sorts of things to this recipe to make quiche. :)
Marian B. July 30, 2014
Yes! This is perfect for entertaining gluten-free guests.
Helen July 29, 2014
just made this, substituting swiss chard and garlic chives for the parsley and it's a keeper of a recipe! i think using 3 eggs is a good bet to have it be more firm (i had just over 2 cups of rice). parsley would have probably been delicious, with the added herby flavour!
Marian B. July 30, 2014
I bet the chard was lovely! Glad you enjoyed it.
KirstenS July 12, 2014
"Serves 8-10"... BF and I have practically eaten half the pie at one go. Has anyone tried to increase the recipe and make it in a rectangular backing dish?
Marian B. July 30, 2014
I bet you could! I'd go with glass, though, since it will probably get you a better crust.
tfb May 13, 2014
No lactose version: I replaced cheddar with parmesan, and used almond milk instead of regular. Added lots of spinach. Was delicious! Easy, would definitely make this again!
Helens May 31, 2014
Is there not lactose in parmesan?
tfb June 1, 2014
Aged, hard Parmesan has significantly less lactose and is tolerated more by intolerant a than younger, softer cheeses. It obviously depends on the person but my lactose intolerant green rice is with with Parmesan in limited quantities
KirstenS May 5, 2014
Oooh...I bet you could throw some asparagus in here too!
Marian B. May 5, 2014
Totally. I'd slice it into thin little rounds!
KirstenS May 9, 2014
This was so tasty that BF and I ate half the pan! Thank you!
KirstenS May 9, 2014
P.S. The asparagus was a good addition. I used a mix of brown and wild rice that had been leftover from the night before.
Marian B. May 9, 2014
Awesome! So happy to hear this.
KirstenS June 28, 2014
I'm now coming back to this, midsummer. I'm making it for a friend in the middle of chemo, who's basically confined to eating comfort foods. This time I may try to add thin-sliced squash. Or kale.
AntoniaJames May 2, 2014
I served this last night to resounding praise! I added about a cup of tiny broccoli florets, lightly steamed, and a pinch of nutmeg; used Trader Joe's "Brown Rice Medley" -- brown basmati + daikon radish seed + black barley, which to my mind is the best product they've ever sold -- as the base. The accolades continued throughout the meal, including the most important one: "You must make this again!" I've made this the cover photo for my "Roots and Cheese" collection. ;o)
Emily H. May 3, 2014
Oh the brown rice medley sounds wonderful! I was going to ask if brown rice would work for this recipe. Mmmm!
Marian B. May 5, 2014
So happy to hear this!
robin L. April 30, 2014
this looks and sounds so delicious. any make-ahead suggestions?
Marian B. April 30, 2014
you can make it ahead and serve it cold! or gently reheat in the oven, but i've never tried that.