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Scrambled Egg Tacos with Avocado

March 18, 2015
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Photo by James Ransom
Author Notes

I make these late and often -- this is my back-pocket 10-minute meal after a very long day or a longer party. They're fast, good food you can eat with your hands. And because tacos often spill at random, you’re allowed to be slightly animalistic about the whole affair -- a very good perk, because no one has the energy for manners in the middle of the night. I felt odd making these in a well-lit kitchen and styling them for a camera -- they are at their best when cooked by dim, early morning kitchen light, and hastily -- but you’ll rectify that for me tonight, won’t you? —Kenzi Wilbur

  • Serves 1
  • 2 to 4 small corn tortillas (you may double them up if you wish)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • Salt
  • Yogurt or sour cream
  • Your favorite hot sauce
In This Recipe
  1. Blister the tortillas over an open flame until slightly charred in places. (Or, if you don't have a gas stove, in a very hot cast iron skillet.)
  2. While they blister, start scrambling your eggs. (I like them scrambled pretty soft, in a small non-stick pan, but they're eggs -- they're personal. Cook them how you like them.)
  3. While your eggs are finishing, divide about half of the avocado onto the blistered tortillas -- you can either mash it right on, or cut in slices and lay them down. Salt it lightly.
  4. Pile on the finished eggs, a dollop or two of yogurt or sour cream, and a drizzle of your favorite hot sauce. Eat standing up.

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Kenzi Wilbur

Recipe by: Kenzi Wilbur

I have a thing for most foods topped with a fried egg, a strange disdain for overly soupy tomato sauce, and I can never make it home without ripping off the end of a newly-bought baguette. I like spoons very much.

8 Reviews

janet V. February 23, 2021
When I saw the picture I thought, "No way!" Someone stole my recipe! I've been making egg tacos for years, with just avocado and a drizzle of runny salsa. No cheese, no sour cream (although I'd try that or a bit of creme fraiche or Mexican crema,) I find that toasting the corn tortillas in a dry, screaming hot nonstick pan then using that same pan, off heat, with a bit of corn oil to quick scramble the eggs gives them a unique flavor as they pick up a hint of toasted corn flavor. Thank you for reminding us that "simple" can be so, so good.
Merry April 2, 2018
Looking for something substantial for breakfast today and these were perfect! Blistering the tortillas over the gas flame adds some great flavor and our choice of hot sauce was sambal oelek - delicious!
Henry May 21, 2016
A perfect meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Love it with habanero chilies and a little cilantro, and loved the idea of trying them with whipped cottage cheese.
Veronica_Lytle October 6, 2015
These were JUST what the doctor ordered last night at 1am with a glass of wine. Soft scrambled eggs are a must. Thanks!
Babette's S. September 8, 2015
WOW, I wish I had thought of this! So simple, yet so scrummy (as Dame Edna would say) and quick! I, too, had these late last night as the author mentions she often does. It was late and Chinese take-out closed early due to Labor Day, so I got a bag of corn tortillas and went home and grabbed that perfectly ripe avocado. I did add some diced scallions to the eggs and a good sprinkling of mixed shredded Mexican style cheeses along with a dollop of the yogurt. Used 3 eggs and 4 small tacos. These really are pretty messy eating, but super yummy and satisfying. I over-toasted one of the tacos a bit, but still was good. I think I'd like the tacos to remain slightly soft and pliable, but mine all were pretty crisp and unbendable from the flame toasting. I didn't have sour cream but did have a tub of Greek Yogurt from T.J.s, would like to try with sour cream some time and also maybe try it with some whipped cream cheese or whipped cottage cheese. I could eat these once a week, at least! Thanks Kenzi!
Allison July 29, 2015
just made these for dinner and I see many many more of these in my future, possibly with a bit of cheese.
Furmano T. March 22, 2015
I enjoyed your pithy commentary as much as I did this recipe. I hope you're a writer by trade. If not, you should be!
Kamari W. March 20, 2015