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Prosciutto Wraps w/ Feta, Blood Orange & Moroccan Olives

March  2, 2010
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  • Serves as many as you would like (as an appetizer)
Author Notes

This is a nice savory/sweet type combination. The ingredients listed are per wrap, so just increase depending on how many you would like to make. Be sure to garnish with the blood orange sections and mint. They make a nice, refreshing after-bite to the salty/sweet of the Wrap. —coffeefoodwrite

What You'll Need
  • 1 teaspoon Feta (I used Bulgarian sheep feta, but any feta will work)
  • 1 pitted Moroccan olive
  • 1 leaf fresh mint
  • 1 very thin slice Prosciutto de Parma
  • 1-2 sections blood orange (pithy outer white stuff and membranes removed)
  • 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • extra blood orange sections and mint leaves for garnish.
  1. Lay one slice of Prosciutto out flat. Place blood orange, feta, mint and olive in center of Prosciutto. Roll up tightly.
  2. Heat small or medium saucepan over medium high heat (depending on how many you are making). Reduce heat to medium-low and add olive oil (one teaspoon for small pan; 1 tablespoon for large) and add Wraps. Cook slowly turning every so often and adjusting heat to between medium-low and medium. Until completely browned and auburn/caramel in color. About 5-7 minutes. You want to cook and brown slowly so the cheese will melt.
  3. Remove to serving plate and garnish with blood orange sections and mint. The orange and mint are a nice after-taste to the salty/sweet of the Wrap. Enjoy!

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testkitchenette March 2, 2010
These would go nicely along with my feta and almond stuffed dated wrapped in bacon! I love the salty sweet combination. Toasty, melty, salty, and sweet...what a great flavor profile! These will be served very soon!
coffeefoodwrite March 2, 2010
I looked for your recipe for feta and almond stuffed dates wrapped in bacon -- but didn't find it on your link. It sounds delicious! Did you post it yet? (I experimented first with prunes stuffed with blood orange, mint and feta and wrapped in bacon, but they did not turn out they way I had in mind...(= )