Lemon Lavender Gin Rickey

May  5, 2015
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Photo by James Ransom
  • Serves 2
Author Notes

The pucker and prick of this classic cocktail is as straightforward as can be, and hardly needs any tweaking. Having been around for over 100 years, with it’s combination of bubbles, booze, and acid, the gin rickey makes a strong case for the simple and storied. But changing up your citrus and herbs freshens up the basic lime. —Samantha Weiss Hills

What You'll Need
  • 3 ounces gin
  • 4 ounces freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 4 ounces seltzer water
  • 2 sprigs lavender
  • 2 wedges of lemon
  1. Pour gin, lemon juice, and honey over ice in a cocktail shaker and shake well.
  2. Strain into two glasses filled with ice. Top with seltzer.
  3. Garnish each glass with a sprig of lavender and a slice of lemon.

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21 Reviews

Judith Y. May 24, 2015
The lavender in pic is Spanish lavender & not true lavender. For culinary use get lavandula angustifolia . It is true lavender. Go to an herb shop or buy a live organic plant. at a nursery .
Sophia K. May 24, 2015
where can culinary lavender be found? I checked Whole Foods and local farmers markets. Grow your own? Any particular varieties better than others?
Chef B. May 20, 2015
OK...just made this cocktail. The honey globbed-up! Had to re-shake the mixture 4x's. Next time I'll try using agave nectar. It dissolves easily in cold liquid.
Lori W. May 27, 2015
I had the same issue...giant glob of lavender infused honey at the bottom of the shaker. I'll have to try again with Judith's idea of combining the honey with the fresh lemon juice first.
Judith Y. May 20, 2015
to keep honey from "globbing up", first combine the honey with the fresh lemon juice; stir well or whisk then add to other ingredients. The honey will melt right into the acidic juice.
juliebug May 20, 2015
Shaking it vigorously shoul "unglob" any globbed up honey.
Nickie May 20, 2015
Looks beautiful! Will try this weekend, including the beautiful lavender curl !
Matthew B. May 19, 2015
How do you keep the honey from globbing up when it hits the ice?
Samantha W. May 20, 2015
Shaking vigorously should do the trick!
Janet May 19, 2015
Perhaps (and I have not done this so it is just theoretical) to curl the lavender stem, wrap it around a rod of some sort (a muddler?) and hold it in place somehow until it retains the curl. Rather like.....your hair. Do that with a bunch of them for more success. Or more drinks.
tom May 19, 2015
How did you curl the lavender? It looks so graceful. Does the lavender add flavor just through its aroma alone??
Janet May 19, 2015
Could make lavender simple syrup and use instead of honey. Or combine the two. Or find some lavender honey! That's the ticket!
seaphotog May 19, 2015
YES - thought the same thing
Samantha W. May 20, 2015
Yes, I was going for more of an aroma of lavender since it can be strong, but if you made a lavender syrup with honey it would be more incorporated in the taste.
Patzer May 19, 2015
How was the graceful curl in the stem of the lavender achieved?
Samantha W. May 20, 2015
No trick! It's the natural shape of these stems of lavender.
sandy L. May 19, 2015
it is always 5pm somewhere in the world!
Chef B. May 19, 2015
Just checked my bar and I'm all stocked up for this cocktail. I'll be shaking it up today! Is it 5pm yet??
HChristian May 19, 2015
Actually, this is more Collins than Rickey because of the honey. Either way, I will be enjoying one this weekend.
e May 19, 2015
how is this different from a Tom Collins?
laurenlocally May 9, 2015
Enjoying this with mint tonight and it is lovely.