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Yogurt Whipped Cream

June 30, 2015
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  • Makes about 3 cups of whipped cream
Author Notes

Adapted slightly from Saveur.
These amounts are mere guidelines—if you want something tangier, add more yogurt, and vice versa. Adapted slightly from Saveur. —Genius Recipes

What You'll Need
  • 1 cup heavy cream, chilled
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt, Greek or otherwise, full-fat or otherwise, chilled
  1. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a whisk, beat heavy cream and yogurt on medium-high speed until soft peaks form. Alternately, you can use a hand mixer or whisk by hand. Taste and add more yogurt or cream to taste and whisk again to soft peaks.

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    Sarah Harvey
Genius Recipes

Recipe by: Genius Recipes

17 Reviews

fur8elise September 19, 2016
I have been doing this for years. I'm a genius! It is perfect for frosting cakes, especially frozen desserts. Kraft published a recipe,
"Strawberry Whipped Sensation", maybe ten years ago. Instead of frosting with Cool Whip, I substitute this whipped cream/yogurt, without added sugar. It helps balance out the sweetness of the recipe. I don't tell any of my finicky(?) family members and it always gets rave reviews.
Christine May 21, 2016
Can u pipe this whipped cream? Thanks!
Kristen M. July 22, 2016
You could! It will hold well for a short period, especially if kept cool, but it's not stable enough to hold for long, or in hot places.
jlriddell September 8, 2015
Seriously loving this with a late season peach and a bit of angel food cake. Ymm.
jessbair September 6, 2015
David123123 wrong place for that comment, also just flat out incorrect. Before you finish writing you ought to read Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes. It'll open your eyes to research that's been there all along. Good luck with your writing. Off to make this genius recipe!!
kareema July 22, 2016
But..but..but... he writes dissertations!
Does that mean he helps grad students cheat?
BarnOwlBaker August 2, 2015
Love this recipe. Made a little bit to go with fresh picked raspberries. I agree with others - it's the way to go from now on!
Sarah H. July 13, 2015
Just tried this for a 4th of July party on a whim with a smidge of powdered sugar, vanilla, and a pinch of salt and it was amazing! Pretty sure this is how I will always make whip cream from here on out!
EmilyC July 8, 2015
After making this, I'm not sure I'll make whipped cream any other way!
Kristen M. July 8, 2015
I agree that it's pretty life-changing.
Donna July 8, 2015
Don't you add any sugar.
Kristen M. July 8, 2015
You could if you like, but the slight tartness offsets sweet desserts really nicely.
Marie N. July 21, 2023
Of course you can add sugar. Sifted confectioners sugar to taste added to this recipe with a teaspoon of vanilla extract and a tiny pinch of salt is the only way to go as a dressing for fresh citrus ambrosia salad.
Marie N. July 21, 2023
I forgot to say that I used 1/2 cup. of Daisy sour cream instead of yogurt.
mrslarkin July 7, 2015
This is so delicious! I used my iSi cream whipper and non fat yogurt. It's really terrific!
Kristen M. July 8, 2015
I should have known you'd be the first to make it, report back, and provide helpful new information -- thanks for the top knotch on-the-ground reporting!
Kristen M. July 8, 2015
Whoops -- top-notch! (Not to be confused with top-knot.)