Meyer Lemon Macarons

March 24, 2010
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  • Serves 20
Author Notes

A fresh, sunny filling brightens up the traditional almond macaron. These are delicious with afternoon tea or coffee. —DolcettoConfections

Test Kitchen Notes

An excellent recipe in every way. DolcettoConfections demystifies French macarons and you discover just how easy they are to make. To get the confectioners' sugar and almonds ground finely enough, we had to use the blender, which required a fair amount of shaking and scraping and digging -- between whirring! -- to make sure the almonds close to the blade didn't turn to paste. But it's worth it for the fine texture. And while the curd takes vigorous whisking over the stove, it turns out as light as whipped cream and just as tempting to eat by the spoonful. Not that we did. A-hem. - A&M —The Editors

What You'll Need
  • Meyer Lemon Curd
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 large egg yolks
  • 1/3 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/3 cup Meyer lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon Meyer lemon zest (packed)
  • 1/4 teaspoon Kosher salt
  • 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, cubed
  • Macarons
  • 68 grams egg whites, aged at room temperature for 24 hours
  • 34 grams granulated sugar
  • 75 grams blanched almonds
  • 136 grams confectioner's sugar
  1. Meyer Lemon Curd
  2. Whisk eggs, egg yolks, sugar, lemon juice, lemon peel, and coarse salt in medium metal bowl to blend well.
  3. Set bowl over saucepan of simmering water (do not allow bottom of bowl to touch water).
  4. Whisk constantly until mixture thickens and instant-read thermometer inserted into mixture registers 170°F to 172°F, 5 to 6 minutes. Do not allow the mixture to boil.
  5. Remove bowl from over water. Whisk butter into curd, 2 to 3 cubes at a time, allowing butter to melt before adding more and whisking until curd is smooth.
  6. Press plastic wrap directly onto surface of curd and refrigerate overnight.
  1. Macarons
  2. Place the egg whites in the bowl of a stand mixer. Whisk on low-medium speed until frothy. Add the granulated sugar a little bit at a time. Allow the sugar to incorporate fully before making the next addition.
  3. When all of the sugar has been added, increase the speed to medium and allow meringue to form stiff peaks. To test, remove the bowl from the mixer and turn upside down. There should be no movement in the meringue.
  4. Combine the blanched almonds and powdered sugar in a food processor. Process until you cannot distinguish the almonds from the sugar, about 30 seconds.
  5. Add half of the almond-sugar mixture to the meringue. Using a strong spatula, begin combining the two elements. During this first combination, you actually want to combine the two rather vigorously. Do not be gentle – you have to reduce the air in the meringue somewhat or your macarons will be too “puffy”. Continue for about 10 to 15 turns.
  6. Add half of the remaining almond-sugar mixture and incorporate for 15 to 20 turns. Fold in the remaining almond-sugar gently into the meringue. Continue for no more than 10 turns, or until you can no longer distinguish between the two.
  7. Fit a pastry bag with a #806 tip. Pipe about 1” rounds on a baking sheet lined with parchment or a SilPat. Leave plenty of room between the macarons – they will expand! Allow the macarons to sit 30 minutes to one hour to develop a shell.
  8. Preheat your oven to 300 degrees. Bake macarons for 10 to 12 minutes, until shells are just slightly golden.
  9. When shells are completely cool, pipe or spread Meyer lemon curd on the flat side of one macaron and sandwich with another.
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48 Reviews

Agoognightssleep May 18, 2023
Terrible - couldn’t even use it for anything else, actually went in the bin. I have made quite a lot of macarons but thought I would try this recipe as it was somewhat different in the method.
minebivrit August 25, 2022
Just came across this recipe. I cannot eat nuts. Can I substitute sunflower seeds for the almonds?
Hiromi M. December 21, 2014
They taste great and I think they turned out pretty good considering these are my first macarons.
But the almonds didn't process as much as I thought. I looked after 30 seconds and couldn't tell them apart, but processed a bit more just in case. Once I mixed with the wet ingredients, I could tell almonds are still in much bigger pieces than I thought. So the batter didn't go through any of the tip I had. Almond pieces kept getting stuck even though I changed the tip 3 times with bigger opening.
In the end, I spooned the batter.
I supposed I just didn't process powder sugar and almond enough???

In any case, the result was great and everybody at my afternoon tea party loved them.
cvillacarlos April 7, 2014
Made macarons for the first time today. Thank you, thank you. These are a-mazing!
esther February 9, 2014
Tried these...fantastic! A few questions:
To (naturally) color them pink can I grate a beet and add some sugar to sweat out some liquid and use this or will the addition of a few drops of moisture make a big difference? At what point should I add the liquid?

This month's Martha Stewart suggests sifiting the nut/sugar mixture? Your thoughts?
The F. June 11, 2013
The lemon curd was delicious, but the cookies failed! I am not sure what happened, as I followed the directions to a "T". Upon taking the cookies out of the oven, they caved in and became gooey, even though I baked them for 11 minutes (they appeared golden brown). PLEASE HELP!
Kristi W. May 19, 2013
I've been so afraid of making macarons because of all the things that can go wrong but these were a success a so delicious
Arrxx December 2, 2012
68 grams egg that like 1, 2, 3 egg whites? It would be helpful even to just start to measure weight on my scale (which has metric and imperial weights).
Hiromi M. December 21, 2014
For me, it was from 2 large eggs.
Lauren's P. May 21, 2012
My son tasted Laduree macarons and wanted to try making some. Good exercise in separating eggs, prepping ingredients and measuring out in grams, creating volume and patience! We were rewarded with tasty macarons and a new shared experience. Thanks. Any suggestions for a raspberry filling?
Robert G. January 22, 2014
Try a ganache mixed with a raspberry reduction.
* Blend 12 oz. of fresh raspberries; strain to remove the seeds; and simmer over medium heat with 1/4 cup sugar until reduced to half the original amount.
* Make a basic ganache with 8 oz. good quality chocolate, 1 cup of heavy cream and a tablespoon of butter.
* Combine the raspberry reduction to the ganache, stiring until fully incorporated. Once cooled and thickened, whisk the ganache to a spreadable consistency and use as the Macaron's filling.
Michele January 29, 2014
Thank you! I will try this... Sounds delish! :)
Melissa W. April 24, 2012
Can these be made in advance? If so, do they have to be refrigerated?
FAL February 26, 2012
So many people asking for conversion from metric to ounces and such. Has it not occurred to anyone that all you have to do it go to google or yahoo and type in 'conversion metric to ounces' and the conversions pop right up? It is so much easier than depending on someone else to answer back and not knowing when or if someone will read your comment.
knitnbead February 24, 2012
Looks like a great recipe, but do you think you could give the measurements in American terms? Don't know how many of us know grams.
Carole C. April 26, 2020
see FAL's comment above
Devangi R. January 26, 2012
@DolcettoConfections - Is there any other way to measure these ingredients.. I do not have a scale at home..I m really wanting to make these since months ... Just want to accurate in terms of measurements.. Thanks the recipe looks awesome..
NemConLLC February 10, 2012
Weight and volume are two different measurements (the same size bag filled with flour will weigh more than the same bag filled with mushrooms). You will need a scale ;-)
Agoognightssleep May 18, 2023
Hi. The is a conversion. Available on a site if you google. All goods.comI think.
cjzern December 18, 2011
Hot diggity! It works! So excited to have this recipe. I added a bit of lemon zest (half a lemon's worth) to the meringue so that both parts have some lemon flavor and they are amazing. Thanks DolcettoConfections!
beijinggirl December 9, 2011
I just made these (first macarons!) using lemon curd that a friend gave us and a mixture of half almond half cashew (we ran out of almonds and I didn't want to run to the store in the cold Beijing air). All I can say is:
A M A Z I N G. wow. I will definitely be making these again.
Cookie16 August 29, 2011
Has anyone attempted to ship these in the mail? Are they stable enough? I know you'd have to pack them like newborn babies 2-day or overnight, if at all, but I have a friend who I'd love to make these for. Sadly, she lives across the country!

And of course, I'd save some for me too :)
totalnoms March 11, 2011
Does anyone have the measurements for the macaron that are *not* in grams? I suppose I could easily google this but if anyone knows what the measurements would be in cups, I'd appreciate it! These look divine!
Blissful B. February 6, 2011
I made these this weekend & I'm proud to say that my first experience with macarons was a success -- perfect feet, dome & filling! Thanks for your detailed instructions & delicious recipe. I did have twice as much lemon curd as I needed for the cookies, but eating the extra isn't exactly a hardship. ;-)
Blissful B. January 22, 2011
Do the cookies need to be refrigerated after assembly (because of the lemon curd), or is room temperature fine?
dymnyno April 8, 2010
Your recipe has inspired me to try making my own. Can I use the type of egg whites that come bulk in a jar? Or , must they be individually cracked and separated?
DolcettoConfections April 8, 2010
Hi! I have never tried making macarons with egg whites from a carton. I know these are usually pasturized egg whites, so I am not sure how this would affect the moisture levels and ability to whip to stiff peak.

I always use the whites from two large eggs and save the yolks for making ice cream :o)