10 ways with Meatloaf

April 17, 2010
Author Notes

When I discovered 'Merrill' meatloaf, aka Oliver Clark's, I found heaven. As an MOT ('Married' Mom of three), with a full-time job, I have recipes, which I cook in bulk and which help stem the flow in a busy week. I won't repeat the recipe here (search for it on food52) - what I will do is give you 10 ideas to use the meatloaf mixture - raw and cooked. Hope you enjoy them —Kitchen Butterfly

  • Serves many, in many ways
  • Oliver Clark's Meatloaf on food52
  • Optional flavourings - fresh herbs - I love a thyme and lemon zest combo; coriander and cumin seeds (Dry roasted and crushed); with paprika and aleppo pepper, an endless list really
In This Recipe
  1. Oven-baked Meatballs - Use a portion of the raw mixture to make meatballs. You can bake them at the same time you bake the meatloaf
  2. 'Patties'- Shape some of the raw mixture into patties and pan-grill/fry or oven bake to be served in buns
  3. Eat it as it is- fresh from the oven with rice or potatoes and maybe a salad
  4. Bolognese - make a traditional sauce,with passata and some crumbled up cooked meatloaf! Flavour with cumin and coriander for a spice twist. (I've also used the raw meatloaf mix, without baking to make a bolognese)
  5. Cannelloni - I made some with Schiaffoni, (large pasta tubes). I stuffed them with the cooked left over meat, and layered them in a dish, over went some bechamel and grated cheese, baked in the oven and a delicious pasta dish was had!
  6. Stuffed sarnie- use the cooked meatloaf as a sandwich filling (no news here!)
  7. Cottage or Shephard’s pie - easy, layer cooked meatloaf, some sauce and a topping of mashed potatoes
  8. Lasagne…..again, a bit like the #5 and 7
  9. Stuffed veggies - Hollow out veggies like Courgettes, Tomatoes, Bell peppers and stuff with cooked meatloaf mixture. Top with grated cheese or garlicky breadcrumbs and grill/bake
  10. Spaghetti fritters - mix some cooked meatloaf with cooked spaghetti. Season and flavour with herbs. Then bind together with some egg and pan fry small spoonfuls, cooking on both sides

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