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How to Make Ghee at Home, Pure and Simple

April 23, 2016
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Photo by The Minimalist Indian
  • Serves 10-12
Author Notes

I see people buying ghee and I want to ask them why? Why not make it yourself? Because it is really easy! Just use butter. That is what my mother used to do, after she figured out that saving up cream from non-homogenized milk for days to make ghee is just too complicated. Not to mention a bit smelly when the cream starts going sour on you. Just get the kind of butter you like, organic, unsalted, local, supermarket brand, whatever. Boil it gently on the stove-top until it clarifies. Filter. Store in a jar for months. Just make sure not to introduce moisture. Enjoy the aroma and the decadence it introduces to even simple dishes, like lentils, rice, savory porridge or mashed potatoes. Ghee is good for you too. According to Ayurveda, ghee cleanses the blood, is good for colon health and the brain. Just don't combine it with sugar if you want to avoid adding on the pounds. —The Minimalist Indian

What You'll Need
  • 250 grams butter
  1. Take a heavy bottom saucepan. Put your block of butter in it and heat over medium-low heat.
  2. Let the butter melt slowly and then come to a boil.
  3. Let it boil for some minutes, occasionally scrape a spoon over the bottom of the pan to check the color of the residue that's collecting at the bottom of the pan.
  4. When it has turned a nice nutty brown color, like walnut shells (this might take about 10 minutes), then turn off heat and remove your pan from the stove.
  5. The darker the color of the residue, darker will be your ghee, nuttier will be the taste. But careful! Don't let it burn.
  6. Let it sit undisturbed for five minutes.
  7. Strain the ghee into a clean and dry jar through a tea-strainer or a piece of fine cheesecloth.
  8. Store in the fridge for unlimited shelf-life. Will keep on the counter-top for at least a month.

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