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Heirloom Tomatoes on Cape Cod, at Sunset

July 26, 2010
Author Notes

These are the heirlooms we saw at Hatch’s Market in Wellfleet. Colorful and deelish. —fineartdaily

  • Serves 4
  • Heirloom tomatoes
  • Garlic
  • Sea salt
  • Black pepper
  • mesclun greens
  • basil
  • Feta or chevre cheese
  • Olice oil
In This Recipe
  1. We are not wont to mask the clean fresh goodness of sun-warmed tomatoes and we are certainly not going to wait another couple of hours until dinner! Instead we tend to sit on the back steps, sinking our greedy teeth into a couple of these jewels, perhaps sprinkling them with a little salt, wiping away the juices with the backs of our hands . When we are ready for dinner we take a little more action, and wash the tomatoes, before slicing them on top of a bed of tangy mesclun, tossing some shiny little emerald green basil leaves into the mix, with lashings of good olive oil, sea salt and fresh black pepper. (We also like to rub the wooden salad bowl with a little garlic.) Perhaps a little fresh chevre or feta cheese, something soft and pliant, and a warm, crusty loaf of bread. And wine. We watch the sun setting, swatting at mosquitoes, and regarding the young, sunburnt faces in the light of the candles. Summertime bliss. I loved the cautionary tag line on the hand lettered sign in the box of Heirloom Tomatoes: “Warning, Beware of Prices!”

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