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Italian Apple Cake

September 21, 2009
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  • Serves cold
Author Notes

I got this recipe by an old farmer, friend of mine, she is a really amazing chef, she knows a lot of secrets!! This cake is yummy and very light as well, perferct for breakfast but you can eat it with custard cream at the end of the dinner such a delicious dessert. —mvloves

What You'll Need
  • 200 grams flour
  • 100 grams sugar
  • 2 yolk eggs
  • 1 egg
  • 1 pinch lemon peel
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 100 grams melted butter
  • 1 packet dust sugar
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 pieces golden apples
  1. Put together in a bowl the sugar and the yolk eggs and beat them. Add bit by bit the flour and then add the melted butter and the powder. Now add the milk. Grate just a bit of lemon peel. The mixture should be quite creamy. A part cut the apples, remove the peel and get some slices. Butter and flour in the pan and put into the mixture. Add the slice of apples pushing them into the batter.
  2. Bake it for 30 minutes - 140° Let cold and dust the cake with sugar.
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    Reid Rico
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18 Reviews

Heather August 17, 2022
Hi, what size cake tin pease?!
Heather August 17, 2022
I'm in London UK, is 140 c the temperature for the oven?
Heather August 17, 2022
It looks wonderful, I can't wait to make it, thank you!
Vicky F. August 29, 2020
This recipe is incredible, i did it 7 times and is always fantastic! I’m in love with it
Karren August 29, 2018
This cake is amazing! I’ve made it 3 times so far. Temp should be 180C or 350 F. It’s light and not over sweet, just like my favorite European desserts. Bravo!
Reid R. October 27, 2017
Lots of errors in the directions such as: when to add the second egg, the temperature of the oven isn’t 284 degrees Fahrenheit; and doesn’t say when to add the pinch of salt.
Jessica September 8, 2017
What temperature did everyone bake this at? 140 C can't be right because that converts to 284 F.
Ashley February 16, 2015
A very simple and lovely cake. Light and not too sweet, a good option for serving to those not sold on dessert, should you know such people. I gave it an extra 5 to 8 minutes in the oven, long enough to be sure it was done in the middle when tested. If it's winter, I always have Meyer lemons on hand and would recommend getting the zest from one of those. Thanks very much!
Bellamia2 September 1, 2014
How about someone at Food52 translating this for those of us that can't make heads or tails of this fantastic sounding recipe? I would love to make this for my Italian Grand mother but don't understand the recipe.
Swimkitty December 22, 2012
Fantastic recipe. A crowd pleaser for sure.
HilaryGar November 12, 2009
So I made this apple cake last night after a moment of insanity at the farmer's market and coming home with over 30 lbs of apples (I was hungry, what can I say?). I think it is wonderful cake (very pretty) and easy. However, tonight I am going to make two of these and I'm going to use orange zest instead of lemon in one and calvados in place of some of the milk in the other. It's a very mild cake and while it's beautiful- I want a little more pep. I may try throwing in some cranberries with the orange zest too.
Olima October 8, 2009
This looks delicious. What size is the baking pan?
poorgirlgourmet September 26, 2009
This looks wonderful and the photo is gorgeous. I'm sure it was challenging to write your first recipe in English, so congratulations on completing it - it's sure to become easier with time (and, I imagine, with Maria Teresa's kind assistance). Best of luck!
BarefootInTheKitchen September 21, 2009
Looks just amazing! I would love to try it once we get the recipe cleared up:)
mvloves September 21, 2009
just more details:
- lemon peel , just a little
- 2 teaspoons of baking powder
- granulated sugar
- The degrees are Celsius (°C)

Sorry agin for my English!
mvloves September 21, 2009
Hi all, sorry for my bad english!!! I've never written recipe in english so a lot of words are new for me but ...promise i'll imporve!!! so i can give you all details you need!!
MoiraDetroit September 21, 2009
Can you be a little more specific on the ingredients and amounts? For the lemon - is that juice or peel? How much is a packet of baking powder, butter, and sugar (granulated, powdered or superfine sugar?) And the temperature for baking - is that Farenheit, or what?
Maria T. September 21, 2009
Vigutto, this seems like a really nice recipe. Are you Italian or French? I think you might have looked up in a dictionary some words to translate your recipe and some words aren't maybe what you intended. If you would like to correct them, here are the words that need rewritten:
Old cropper, maybe you mean "an old farmer"
You BEAT eggs with sugar (not shake).
ADD or MIX IN the melted butter.
A part - On the side, or just move your text to a new step.
BUTTER AND FLOUR the pan (not soil - soil means to get dirty).
LET COOL instead of make it get cold.
DUST THE CAKE with sugar.

Hope this was useful and now I'm going to try your recipe. If you need any help translating your recipes you can contact me on [email protected] and I will help you. Buon apetito!