Cinnamon sugar tortilla chips

May 3, 2017

Author Notes: -Baked cinnamon sugar tortilla chips are very delicious and easy to make.
-These are very crispy and you can prepare with your left over tortillas.

Makes: 8 chips with one tortilla


  • 2 to 3 tortillas
  • 5 tablespoons cinnamon sugar
  • one tablespoon melted butter
In This Recipe


  1. -In a bowl take the cinnamon sugar.this can be prepared by just mixing cinnamon powder with sugar.
  2. -Preheat the oven to 150 degrees and place baking paper on baking tray
  3. -With a brush lightly coat the melted butter on both sides of tortilla
  4. -sprinkle cinnamon sugar mixture on each side of tortilla
  5. -cut in to desired shape you require
  6. -Bake for 10 minutes.Allow them to cool and enjoy crispy cinnamon sugar chips.

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