Parisian Perfection Potato Planks

May  3, 2017
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Author Notes

I am a mother of 2 very picky children. If I don't "hide" the veggies somehow Im stuck with making basic, plain food so that my family will even touch my homecooking. Ive had to perfect the simplest recipes so that I am able to tolerate them as often as I cook them. Anything potatoes is a huge hit in my house. You would think my children are direct decendants of cave men, meat and potatoes is thier full time diet. So of course french fries are way up on the list. I love making homemade fries with a fry cutter, however... they take incredibly way to long when cooked from raw potato... (I use to be stuck still frying the 2nd and 3rd batch when the rest of the family is basically done eating) And they get soggy way to fast. After many trial and error burger and fry meals, Ive finally found the secret to the most perfect French Fries ever.

Some parts of this simple trick may seem silly and a bit off, however, until you've tried it for yourself. You wont believe it. —leah helenschmidt

  • Serves 4 to 6
  • 8 medium size Russet potatoes
In This Recipe
  1. Cut potatoes into fries (I use a fry cutter, however, a simple knife will suffice, just make sure to cut them evenly or they wont cook uniformly)
  2. Rinse & Dry the potato planks *important ( this removes the excess starch)
  3. Season while hot, with Salt & pepper optional *garlic and paprika powder. Serve with dipping sauce of your choice.
  4. Tip * This also works with sweet potatoes, use a cinnamon sugar mixture to sprinkle.over top after cooking.

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