Camilo's Crazy BackpackingĀ Roast

November 21, 2017
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  • Serves 8
Author Notes

A Colombian friend taught me this one. It takes all the time and energy of tying your shoes. The meat comes out perfectly done, due to the salt blockade between it, and the fire. Make certain the coals are hot, the salt barrier entirely covers the roast, and that the bandana you're going to sacrifice for this has been thoroughly cleaned with fresh water. —Ian

What You'll Need
  • 1-2 pounds flank steak, small enough to fit into your bandana
  • 1 pound kosher salt (the flaky kind)
  • 1 sprig rosemary (or whatever herb's available)
  • 1 thoroughly soaked bandana
  • pepper (if you remembered to bring it)
  • 1 clean bandana
  1. Pat down your flank steak to remove any moisture.
  2. Mash as much of whichever herb you've brought along into the salt. Better yet, stick it into the salt at the beginning of your trek.
  3. Squatting on a log, lay your bandana out on the flattest, cleanest surface you've got, and lay out a bed of salt just a bit wider than your roast.
  4. Place the roast atop, and mash the remaining salt into the sides and top, forming a tightly-sealed igloo.
  5. Wrap the whole fort/igloo/blockade situation up into the wet bandana, and tie tightly. I can't stress enough that it needs to be tied tightly.
  6. Chuck it onto your fire and turn in 10-12min.
  7. Turn, and give the other side another few minutes.
  8. Peel away the ashen remains of your bandana, crack the salt, and either slice thinly, or just tear bits off with your fingers.

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