Nutella Bruschetta with Fresh Fruit

November 27, 2010

Author Notes: I'm a nutte-lla-holic! I'm always trying to think of recipes where I can use one of my favorite ingredients of all times! I grilled some crusty artisan bread on the grill pan and smothered on a generous amount of Nutella and topped off with berries, apricot & kiwi fruit slices! I watched my guests devourer this scrumptious, chocolaty, hazelnut, fruity goodness hors d’ oeuvres! A crowd pleaser!!!onetribegourmet

Serves: a crowd


  • 1 jar of Nutella
  • 1 any crusty, artisan bread, sliced {loaf or a baguette}
  • any amount of fresh berries, sliced apricots & kiwi fruit {you can use any fruit}
In This Recipe


  1. Heat up the grill pan. Lightly grill the sliced bread on both sides, until the grill marks appear.
  2. Let the bread cool for a few minutes & then spread about a tablespoon of Nutella.
  3. Place the fruit on top & serve!

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12 Reviews

Author Comment
onetribegourmet December 6, 2010
I have also made these bruschettas topped with balsamic glaze & nuts!
Holly December 2, 2010
What a gorgeous photo. Nutella and mango on brown bread is one of my favorite combinations.
Author Comment
onetribegourmet December 2, 2010
Thanks Zahirah!
luvcookbooks December 1, 2010
Nutella is one of the great convenience foods. Wonder if there's a Nutella cookbook out6 there yet. :)
Author Comment
onetribegourmet December 1, 2010
Hey if you find one, let me know! :)
Author Comment
onetribegourmet December 1, 2010
you know what... I'm going to research on finding a nutella book!!! :)
somaR November 30, 2010
I am addicted to Nutella too:-) and usually cannot go further than opening the jar and digging it with a spoon ! This is spectacular. Love the colors here.
Author Comment
onetribegourmet November 30, 2010
Thanks my friend! xo
MuyBueno November 30, 2010
YUM! I also entered a bruschetta recipe. Yours looks fantastic! I've never tried Nutella, but I'm guessing its FAB with fruit! Good luck!!!
Author Comment
onetribegourmet November 30, 2010
Thanks so much! :)
lapadia November 27, 2010
Sounds tasty and I LOVE your photo!
Author Comment
onetribegourmet November 28, 2010
Thanks Lapadia! xo