Chestnut soup

December 1, 2010
Chestnut soup

Author Notes: This is liberally adapted from a recipe I recently saw in the Washington Post Wednesday Food section. The measurements of the core ingredients - mirepoix, chestnuts, and liquid, are theirs, the rest pretty much mine. For starters, I thought chestnuts would be better served by a beef instead of chicken broth. And remember the mono-chromatic suits of the late '90s? The idea could have been boring but the execution often showed interesting variations on a color theme? In the same spirit I wanted to make a mono-chromatic soup. So instead of the chorizo the Post called for, I thought sauteed porcini and shiitake would make nice toppers.Marceline

Serves: 8


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Franca April 24, 2015
Where is the recipe? There's nothing after the author's notes.