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Vegetarian Pizza Home made

June  4, 2019
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You can make Vegetarian Pizza on your own, at home, with much lower calories than the one, you eat in a Pizzeria.
A) Ingredients:
-Five slices of ham
-Some pieces, round 1/4 kg white cheese (feta)
-Three fresh green tomatoes, big size, or five tomatoes small size
-Three green peppers
-One onion (cut to small pieces)
-Oliveswithout core, removed with knife
-Salt and olive oil
-Mushrooms of tin cut to two pieces
b) For pastry
-Half kgs flour for all uses
-one cup milk
-Dough from bakers
-Three big spoonful oil
-Baking soda, from super market sault one
-Some salt
PREPARATION (of pastry):
-You put the milk with flour, not all flour, in a deep big bowl,and you mix with hand till two ingredients are mixed and don't stick in hand. If needed you add more flour in this case. Then you add all the other ingredients by mixing continually till everything is absorbed and if needed put soe more flour of this, till mass is not sticky anymore.
-You make a big ball from pastry and you put it in a dry place, covered with a towel. You leave it for round one hour like this,..
-In the meantime, you cut all all other ingredients above, in a big plate and mix, as it's said above, like a salad.
-When pastry is done, you open it and make a round form to fit in a fan of iron, -to bake in the oven- with a wooden roller in kitchen for these purpose (to make pastries).
The you spread all cut ingredients on it and arrange with hands, so that all ingriedients cover round form of pastry evenly. Optional, you cna spread some ketchup also on mix. Your Pizza is ready, and you can bake in the oven either in the iron pan or in a big rectuangular bowl of glass, called pyrex, for baking in oven.
You let it get baked for round 45 min, at 170 C, you can taste if it's ready in the mean time..S
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  • Prep time 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Cook time 45 minutes
  • Serves 4
  • 8 pieces Tomatoes, Green peppers, olives, ham, white cheese, onion, oilves etc
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