Trifle Caprese: let tomatoes and mozzarella do the charm

June  4, 2021
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Photo by marxoign
  • Prep time 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Cook time 30 minutes
  • Serves 4
Author Notes

This recipe is the combination of two things that I am always happy to eat and of which there simply is never enough!

Everyone knows insalata caprese a.k.a. tomato mozzarella. For me, that's the dish you can put together after a hard day's work and its fresh taste and smooth texture balances out just about anything bad that could have happened at work.

Trifle is another story. I would love to eat trifle more often but well, it's a bit of work. For me, it's quite linked to family gatherings, as one of the specialties of my cousin's South African boyfriend is trifle. And what a trifle!

So here, the idea is to bring these two emotions together and try out what a caprese-falvored salty trifle could look like. Hope you'll enjoy! I sure did!

NOTA: I wrote the recipe with two individual servings in mind. One could do one big trifle but in that case, you'll probably need much more burrata and mozzarella. —marxoign

  • 1 Burrata di Bufala
  • 1 Mozzarella di Bufala
  • 12 Brown olives
  • 1 Slice of bread
  • 4 San Marzano Tomatoes (around 1.3 lbs))
  • 1 bunch Cherry Tomatoes
  • 1 bunch Basil
  • 1/2 cup Milk
  • 3 Sheets of gelatine (~3 tsp)
  • Olive oil
  • Balsamico
  • Crema di Balsamico
  • Salt, pepper
  • 2 Nice glass bowls for serving individual portions
In This Recipe
  1. TOMATO JELLO - STEP 1: Cut San Marzano tomatoes into larger cubes, chop a few basil leaves. Combine in a small pot, season with olive oil, salt, pepper and a splash of lemon juice. Simmer on very low heat until tomatoes release all their juice (around 20 min.) When ready, strain and reserve at room temperature.
  2. OLIVES: chop the olives into small pieces.
  3. BURRATA MIX: with a food processor, mix burrata with a pinch of salt, pepper and olive oil into a cream.
  4. BREAD: Toast a slice of bread and cut it into small cubes.
  5. TOMATO JELLO - STEP 2: Dip 1.5 gelatine leaves in very cold water. Meanwhile, separate the tomato sauce into two equal parts*. Pour one in a small pot and reserve the other. Heat up on very low heat (remain well below boiling). When gelatine has softened up, mix it into it with a whisk. Let cool down. * This layer is the same as the top layer (contrary to my photo which had two kinds of tomato sauces - that just complicates everything). Depending on the shape of your glass container, you may want to split the sauce 50-50 (if your container is straight) or 33-66 (if, like mine, it is narrower on the bottom and larger towards the top). Consequently, gelatine proportions must be adapted too.
  6. LAYERING - STEP 1: Make sure that every layer is as flat as possible. Also, wait until the tomato jello cooled down to room temperature. Then: - Lay 1 tbsp of olives at the bottom of each glass bowl, pour balsamico on them. - Lay burrata cream on olives. - Lay pieces of toast on burrata and pour tomato jello. - Immediately put in the fridge.
  7. MOZARELLA CREAM: Cut the mozzarella (keep a little aside) into small pieces and put in a food processor's bowl. Add milk, basil leaves to taste. Season with olive oil, balsamico, salt, pepper. Mix into a smooth cream. Reserve.
  8. TOMATO SLICES: Carefully cut out slices of cherry tomatoes of the same sizes for the decoration of the top layer. So this means +/- 3 slices from the middle of each tomato. No worries, the leftovers are used in the next step. Reserve.
  9. TOMATO SALAD: Dice the remainders of the cherry tomatoes and mozarella and season with olive oil, crema di balsamico, salt, pepper. Strain (there should really be no liquid left).
  10. TOMAT0 JELLO - STEP 3: Do again Tomato jello - step 2 with rest of tomato sauce.
  11. LAYERING - STEP 2: Take your bowls out of the fridge. - lay thin layer of mozzarella cream. - nicely lay cherry tomato slices on the sides of the dish (see picture) - lay tomato-mozarella salad in the middle. - top with remaining mozzarella cream. - when the jello is at room temperature, fully cover the mozarella cream with jello. - Immediately put in the fridge.
  12. DECORATION: - While waiting for the jello to freeze, roast pine seeds - When the jello has set, lay drops crema di balsamico on the top, add pine seeds. Maybe lay a few basil leaves. You can even make a tomato flower. That's all up to you!
  13. Enjoy!!!

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