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Super Fragrant Raw Strawberry / Fruit Jam

June  6, 2021
10 Ratings
Photo by Quarksy.space
  • Prep time 10 minutes
  • Cook time 10 minutes
  • makes 1 jar
Author Notes

This jam is straight out inspired to satisfy the imagination of and taste buds of Science Fiction fans. This isn't the usual recipe you get from the traditional cookbooks. This recipe is inspired by NASA research. Researchers working on the jam have created a new simple way of preserving fruit into a jam utilizing everyday ingredients.

This jam has the fresh flavors of spring strawberries packed into one nice recipe. Enjoy unbelievable flavors with 3x more fruit than the standard jam. Check out the open source food project at open.quarksy.space

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Works with all kinds of fruit! In your home or in an industrial kitchen!

Abiu Açaí Acerola Akebi Ackee African Cherry Orange American Mayapple Apple Apricot Aratiles Araza Atis (Annona Squamosa) Avocado Banana Bilberry Blackberry Blackcurrant Black sapote Blueberry Boysenberry Breadfruit Buddha's hand (fingered citron) Cacao Cactus pear Canistel - also called egg fruit Catmon Cempedak Cherimoya (Custard Apple) Cherry Chico fruit Cloudberry Coco de mer Coconut Crab apple Cranberry Currant Damson Date Dragonfruit (or Pitaya) Durian Elderberry Feijoa Fig Finger Lime (or Caviar Lime) Goji berry Gooseberry Grape Raisin Grapefruit Grewia asiatica (phalsa or falsa) Guava Guyabano Hala Fruit Honeyberry Huckleberry Jabuticaba (Plinia) Jackfruit Jambul Japanese plum Jostaberry Jujube Juniper berry Kaffir Lime Kiwano (horned melon) Kiwifruit Kumquat Lanzones Lemon Lime Loganberry Longan Loquat Lulo Lychee Magellan Barberry Macopa (Wax Apple) Mamey Apple Mamey Sapote Mango Mangosteen Marionberry Melon Cantaloupe Galia melon Honeydew Mouse melon Musk melon Watermelon Miracle fruit Momordica fruit Monstera deliciosa Mulberry Nance Nectarine Orange Blood orange Clementine Mandarine Tangerine Papaya Passionfruit Pawpaw Peach Pear Persimmon Plantain Plum Prune (dried plum) Pineapple Pineberry Plumcot (or Pluot) Pomegranate Pomelo Purple mangosteen Quince Raspberry Salmonberry Rambutan (or Mamin Chino) Redcurrant Rose apple Salal berry Salak Santol (Cotton Fruit) Sampaloc Sapodilla Sapote Sarguelas (Red Mombin) Satsuma Soursop Star apple Star fruit Strawberry Surinam cherry Tamarillo Tamarind Tangelo Tayberry Tambis (Water Apple) Thimbleberry Ugli fruit White currant White sapote Ximenia Yuzu

Wash the fruit in ozone water to disinfect it from pathogens! —Quarksy.space

What You'll Need
  • 100 grams Strawberry or fruit
  • 140 grams Sugar
  • 1 packet Trader Joes Freeze Dried Strawberries
  • 3 tablespoons Lemon juice
  1. Wash fruit in mild soap water or ozone water to disinfect! Mix strawberries/fruit, lemon juice, and sugar. Until the sugar is dissolved.
  2. Add in freeze dried strawberries and blend
  3. Store in fridge to maintain fresh flavors!

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10 Reviews

mintchip December 30, 2022
I can't believe something this delicious only takes 10 minutes to make! The color is super vibrant!
pepewoz December 30, 2022
I'm stealing this recipe
AmeliaBedilia December 30, 2022
WAAAOOOOOW Its so delicious on cream cheese and bagels! This jam makes bagel tastes like a cheesecake :O
Poollee December 30, 2022
This is like the sushi of jams. It's so delicious and so easy!
joyfulrecipes December 30, 2022
This jam is so simple and yet so tasty! Little cleanup. Easy recipe. Astronomical flavor!
sharkycarol December 30, 2022
This jam is so good everyone should learn how to make the worlds easiest jam. It took me 5 minutes to make this jam.
mintchip December 30, 2022
It's soooooooo good on croissants. Much yum
linda52 December 30, 2022
I made this jam as Grandma's Christmas present and she loved it! She says she's never had jam this good in her life!
jamesrobert December 30, 2022
It's so quick to make!
Tastiest jam ever!
elenee.space December 3, 2022
This jam has got to be the most delicious jam I've ever tasted! The difference between storebought jam and this recipe is night and day.