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DIY Flavored Sprinkles

August 26, 2022
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  • Prep time 12 hours 45 minutes
  • makes about 2 cups of sprinkles
Author Notes

Making your own sprinkles isn’t just about adding a DIY decorative flair. You can use it as an opportunity to add more flavor to your final bake—something that the store bought stuff rarely delivers on! Try them with your favorite ground spices, like cinnamon or ginger, extracts like vanilla, oils like peppermint, a flavorful booze, or even cocoa powder. Just remember, liquid ingredients will contribute moisture and make the icing more fluid, but you can always thicken it back up with more powdered sugar! (Note: You can also use a royal icing made with meringue powder, if desired, to avoid raw egg whites!) —Erin Jeanne McDowell

What You'll Need
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DIY Flavored Sprinkles
  • 1 recipe royal icing (, prepared to a stiff piping consistency
  • flavorings, to taste (such as 1 teaspoon/5 grams vanilla bean paste, up to 1 teaspoon/3 grams ground cinnamon, etc.)
  1. Prepare the royal icing and stir in the flavorings until you have a strong enough flavor/color. If desired, adjust the color with gel food coloring.
  2. Fit a pastry bag with a small round tip. The exact width can vary—a larger opening will create wider/larger sprinkles (and they will take longer to dry), while a smaller opening will create thin, delicate sprinkles that will dry quickly. Transfer the icing to the pastry bag.
  3. Line 2-3 baking sheets with parchment paper. Pipe the icing in long lines across the baking sheets—they can be fairly close together on the sheet.
  4. Let the icing dry until firm, at least 24 hours. Remove the strips of icing from the baking sheet, and use a knife to chop them into the desired size of sprinkles. Store in an airtight container at room temperature until ready to use.

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I always have three kinds of hot sauce in my purse. I have a soft spot for making people their favorite dessert, especially if it's wrapped in a pastry crust. My newest cookbook, Savory Baking, came out in Fall of 2022 - is full of recipes to translate a love of baking into recipes for breakfast, dinner, and everything in between!

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