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Carrot Apple Ginger Juice with Meyer Lemon

March  3, 2011
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  • Serves 1
Author Notes

I don't have too much to say about this recipe other than I've been enjoying variations of it for years and it's one of my favorite ways to use fresh carrots. You need a juicer to make this recipe: I have one made by Omega and I love it. —WinnieAb

What You'll Need
  • 4 large organic carrots, tops trimmed off and cut into pieces to accomodate your juicer
  • 1 medium red apple (I like Fujis), peeled if not organic, and sliced into pieces to accomodate your juicer
  • 1 chunk of peeled fresh ginger (the size of your thumb if you love ginger; use less if you're not a huge fan)
  • 1 small whole organic Meyer lemon, cut in half
  1. Process ingredients through your juicer. Stir to combine, then serve right away. Make sure not to drink in one gulp, though- try to sip it slowly. Enjoy.
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I grew up in a restaurant family (my parents owned the now closed Quilted Giraffe in NYC) and I've always loved to cook. My interest in the connection between food and health led me to pursue a graduate degree in naturopathic medicine. I don't practice medicine anymore; I have a blog called Healthy Green Kitchen that I started in May of 2009 and I wrote a book called One Simple Change that will be published in January, 2014. I live in upstate New York with my family and many pets.

20 Reviews

walkie74 February 9, 2014
I have a ton of carrots that I'm trying to keep from going bad. I also have exactly one apple and one knob of ginger. I know what Monday morning's breakfast will be...
Yessica February 19, 2013
I just stumbled upon this recipe...we have been trying to juice at work so we can all get healthier. A must try by me! thanks Winnie!
jeanmarieok February 19, 2013
If it's too carroty for you, add more apple. We love this.
thirschfeld March 10, 2011
Made a couple of these tonight. The ginger takes this into the realm of elixir. Loved it and will be making it again, and again.
cheese1227 March 7, 2011
jeanmarieok March 6, 2011
Carrot/Apple/Ginger with celery (just a stalk) is my breakfast a couple of times a week....
dymnyno March 5, 2011
Wow...your pic is gorgeous and the recipe sounds delicious...will try very soon!
mrslarkin March 3, 2011
This sounds so great, Winnie! I so wish I had a juicer!! We've been buying the Naked stuff from Costco - really good, but I bet yours is wayyyy better.
WinnieAb March 3, 2011
Fresh juice is definitely way better. You need a juicer, my friend.
drbabs March 3, 2011
SO great! 2 years ago my husband was getting ready to have major back surgery (he's doing fine, thanks) and we bought a juicer and made variations of this all the time. Carrot-apple-ginger is my favorite, and the meyer lemon makes it even better.
WinnieAb March 3, 2011
Sometimes I add beet, too...I made this today so I could take the photo but it had been a while since I had one. While I was drinking it, I was seriously asking myself why I don't make it every day? It's so good.
drbabs March 3, 2011
I know! I add beet, too, sometimes. Our juicer is still on the counter, but I haven't used it in ages. Thanks for the inspiration.
thirschfeld March 3, 2011
WinnieAb March 3, 2011
I felt a little guilty submitting this as a recipe, but it's honestly my favorite way to have carrots :)
Sadassa_Ulna March 3, 2011
Oh yum, great combination, makes me wish I owned a juicer . . .
WinnieAb March 3, 2011
You should get one :)
hardlikearmour March 3, 2011
Love the photo - it seriously looks like an art print you could hang! Juice sounds good too :)
WinnieAb March 3, 2011
Aw, thanks! We've still got lots of snow here- makes for a good backdrop for colorful foods/drinks!
gingerroot March 3, 2011
What a stunning color! This sounds delicious.
WinnieAb March 3, 2011
You'll love it gingerroot!