As the days get hotter, we’re slowing down and paying tribute to the simple pleasures of summers past: That first bite into a cold beach sandwich. Balmy park afternoons. Ice cream with all the fixings. Dozing off after spending hours in the sun. All July long, we’ll have recipes, roundups, music, and more right here—unwind with us as we soak in the longer, laid-back days ahead.

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Photo by Hailee Catalano

Meet Our Favorite Beach Sandwiches

Hailee Catalano’s beach sandwiches remind us of the turkey clubs we used to pack for long sand-filled afternoons (except, they're much, much better). Lucky for us, Hailee shared her sandwich making techniques. Get the details here >>

Our 15 Essential Pasta Salad Recipes

From soba noodles dressed in citrus ginger to tender bow ties sprinkled with red pepper flakes and tomatoes, these 15 pasta salads are versatile, delicious, and perfect for your next cookout. Get the details here>>

How To Make Two Ingredient Magic Shell

Homemade magic shell requires only two ingredients. Just pour it over ice cream, watch it transform into a glossy shell, and feel like a kid again as you crack it with your spoon. Get the full rundown here »

What Your Ice Cream Order Says About You

If you want a peak into somebody's true personality, watch them order from an ice cream truck. And, according to our expert, pray they don't order a Strawberry Crunch Bar. Get the details here>>

Flavor Flashback

These recipes taste like the balmy days of our childhoods. Our roundup starts with pudding inspired by PB&J, a bright and juicy BLT you’ll want to pack for the beach, and a hot dog bar that beats what you used to get at the ballpark. We’re cooking up lots of new recipes this month, so keep on coming back for more.

Let’s Hang Out

Stick around on Social, where we’ll be talking about hot dogs, wacky jello salads, and the absolute best vanilla ice creams under 6 bucks. (You can find us on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.)

Everything Jell-O

The picture above contains real Jell-O. Don't believe us? Watch how we trapped that Hot Wheel in delicious red gelatin by clicking here.

Which Hot Dog Brand Reigns Supreme?

Our team blind taste tested a number of the most popular hot dog brands to determine which is the best for your next summer BBQ. Click here to watch.

The Season’s MVPs

Whether we’re grilling in the park, camping, or chilling out in the backyard, these are the Shop finds we reach for all summer.