What Your Ice Cream Order Says About You

Yes, we’re judging you in line at the ice cream truck.

July  7, 2024
Photo by Julia Gartland

It’s a July weekend afternoon. The sun’s strong, the air’s humid. And then, you hear that jingle. The truck pulls up. A wall of ice cream offerings—including popsicles made to look like out-of-date cartoon characters, quintessential items that have thrived for decades, and so many colors that definitely don’t occur in nature—greets you. But you waste no time looking at the menu. You already know your order. But do you know what it says about you? The people in line behind you have an idea—and so do we.

If you order Italian ice :

If your first thought when the truck rolls up is to order an Italian ice, whether it's lemon, cherry, or even strawberry, you’re one of those classy, minimalist kind of people who actually prefers fruit over chocolate. Or you’re lactose intolerant.

If you order a strawberry crunch bar:

If you enjoy munching on a strawberry crunch bar, you love nostalgia and have way too many stickers on your laptop. These people love strawberry-flavored everything and are the first ones to get up when the ice cream truck jingle starts to sound. They make a big deal about their birthday, wear a lot of pastel colors, and probably have a dog.

If you order an ice cream sandwich:

Ice cream sandwich people are chaotic, like the one friend who always needs a million napkins in order to avoid staining their shirt, and is usually one of those people who prefers vanilla over chocolate. Admittedly, this varies, as some ice cream sandwich lovers opt for more bold flavors in between their cookie layers, like raspberry or mint. Either way, ice cream sandwich people are not afraid to get messy, enjoy adventure, and are a little scatter brained.

If you order a sour ice cream cup:

You can recognize a sour ice cream person from a mile away. These are people who love roller coasters, action movies, and talking about their “creative” jobs. They gravitate towards bright colors, jump head-first into big life changes and they swear that the sour ice cream “isn’t even that sour.”

If you order a dipped soft serve:

Dipped soft serve people always order dipped soft serve, and they’ve ordered it that way since they were kids. They enjoy being confident in their taste, and are likely stuck in their ways. You’re the friend who has their life together and always pays the bill at a restaurant for the credit card points. If this is you, you like the crack noise of the chocolate or cherry dip shell but you almost never finish the entire cone before it starts dripping into a mess on the pavement.

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Anna Arriaga

Written by: Anna Arriaga

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