Pan with a plan.

Ever wish you could use your trusty nonstick pan on your induction stovetop, or slide it into the oven to keep a stack of pancakes warm while you top off your coffee? You’re in luck! Zwilling’s latest pan is an sturdy, forged aluminum, PFOA-free nonstick pan that you can use on your stovetop (whether electric, gas, or induction) up to 400° F or in your oven up to 300° F (and, thanks to a coating of water-based lacquer, it's extra durable). Its handle stays cool while you cook, and the pan’s rim was specially designed to make pouring easy and dripless. It’s a breeze to wash with a sponge (and eggs slide right off)—but it’s also dishwasher-safe. Meet your new go-to.

We're not the only ones flipping for Madura. Bon Appetit calls it "The Best Non-Stick Pan We've Ever Used."

Comprised of a PFOA-free multilayer DuraSlide Granite nonstick coating (that is roughly 40 times more durable than traditional PTFE coatings) and a magnetic base which makes it induction-compatible. The exterior is coated with an abrasion-resistant, water-based lacquer that is safe to use with metal utensils (although we recommend wood or silicone to prolong its lifespan).